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  1. Customs of Service: Duties of the Soldier
  2. Letters from the Cadets at New Market
  3. Letters to Ma
  4. The William C. Nisbet Letters
  5. Letter by Daniel Blue of the 16th La. Inf.
  6. Diary of Edward Brewer - 30th Ga Inf
  7. A Short War for John McManus
  8. 9th TN Infantry Help
  9. Sketch of Company K, 23rd SCV
  10. General Order No. 34 - Storage of Painted Articles
  11. General Order No. 189 - Issue of Shelter Tents
  12. General Order, No. 286 - Insignia of Rank Dispensed With
  13. Officers - be exceedingly kind
  14. Pickett's Mill - singular chain of coincidence
  15. Familiar Hints to Indiana Soldiers Taking the Field by Henry B. Carrington
  16. The Bible View of Slavery
  17. Formation of the Orange Light Guards
  18. Sex in the 60s
  19. Church Demographics for 1850
  20. Great sutler transaction
  21. An engineer with a sense of humor
  22. Sausage revisited
  23. Additional Research Articles: LOOK HERE
  24. Screven Family Papers-USC
  25. Higher resolution photo?
  26. The Faulkner Letters
  27. Source for out of print books and manuals
  28. Help with Kentucky Records
  29. Confederate Soldiers letter
  30. Confederate Skirmishers' Drill and Bayonet Exercise Manual Reprints?
  31. Reprinted Book Source
  32. “Dear Martha ..."Alexander Faulkner Fewell letters
  33. needing roster for the immortal 600
  34. Kautz: Prisoners of War
  35. Emory Upton's Post-War 1866 or 1867 Drill Manual
  36. The Diary of Michael Reid Hanger, Rockbridge Rifles Co. H 4th/5th VA Inf.
  37. Richmond Resources
  38. Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War
  39. U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center
  40. USSC Patterns
  41. Letter From Helena
  42. Godfrey's Rhymed Tactics
  43. U.S. Tactics for Colored Troops
  44. Looking for a Primary Resource
  45. Letter July 3, 1862
  46. 6th MO Inf CSA Battle Flag
  47. Letter to the Iowa State Register, life on campaign
  48. The Life of a Soldier - What he Eats, how he Sleeps and how he Fights
  49. A Capital Joke - laugh out loud funny
  50. Sanitary Commission Report, Jan 1862
  51. Death by sutler's pie - will his mother get his pension?
  52. Table of Changes Made in the Springfield Rifle-Musket, From 1855 to 1873
  53. Corporal Si Klegg and His "Pard"
  54. A Singular Case of Double Marriage - Perryville
  55. Our National Debt
  56. Wanted - Curry's Volunteers' Camp and Field Book
  57. Celebration of the Fourth of July in Adair County, Ky. (1860)
  58. THE FOURTH AT THE MAMMOTH CAVE (Horse Cave, KY 1860)
  59. The Grand Demonstrattion At Lexington, KY (July 4, 1860)
  60. Playing with cards
  61. General Order No. 77
  62. Fort Negley Account
  63. Early Atlanta Campaign Letter
  64. Excellent online/Cd-rom resource for primary docs.
  65. Army of South Carolina, Lt. Col. R. S. Ripley
  66. Dirty Letters
  67. Dirge Sung at the Consecration of the Soldiers' Cemetery at Gettysburg, Nov. 19th, 1863
  68. Diary of Samuel C. Lowry
  69. Wilmington and Weldon Railroad business
  70. 31st Indiana Inf. Letter; Atlanta Campaign
  71. Oil Lamps
  72. 59th Illinois Volunteer Infantry at Pea Ridge
  73. Online Newspaper archives
  74. cavalryman's letter
  75. Question of consideration
  76. Courts Martial of Col. F.W. McMaster
  77. Company Officer Test
  78. Photographs of the 19th Indiana
  79. Soft Bread
  80. sheet music for the drum
  81. General Orders No 28
  82. Weekly Columbus Ga. Enquirer
  83. US Froccoat Pattern
  84. A neat Arkansas account
  85. Confederate Currency and Stamps-Fuller
  86. Exerpt of CS account with discription of equipment.
  87. Springfield Model Rifle Musket Contractors
  88. medical/surgical Living historian educ.
  89. History of the Fifty-Eighth Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry
  90. Handling Original Documents/ correspondence.
  91. Wallets for Ammunition
  92. Dr. Charles Todd Quintard,
  93. The look of poke bags
  94. Primary Source for Loudoun County, VA
  95. Life in a Garrison
  96. 55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Supply request
  97. Life in a Garrison Pt. 2
  98. Life in a Garrison 3
  99. 1862 Letter from J.R. Beadle, Co. I. 123 NYSN
  100. 1864 Letter from Chaplain Orson B. Clark, 83rd PA Vols. -- Writes about 1864 Presidental election
  101. Life in a Garrison 4
  102. Confederate issued to home procured uniforms - Ratio
  103. Ladies Gunboat Fund
  104. "he Mosquitoes Are As Big As Pigeons
  105. Rather Be A Dead Hero Than A Live Coward
  106. Loading the Enfield Cartridge
  107. Life in a Garrison Pt. 5
  108. Lincoln General Hospital photos
  109. 4th Kentucky Infantry Diary
  110. Contracts Made by the Quartermaster's Department
  111. What Sherman's troops carried as they prepared to march through Georgia
  112. Cincinnati Clothing Depot Report - July-November 1861
  113. Federal Letter and Diary Recommendations Please
  114. Veteran of Four Wars
  115. A question about "Fall In"
  116. Union Corporal belt buckle
  117. Confederate Uniforms
  118. Lining some thin blankets?
  119. Detailed Men
  120. Widow's Pension
  121. The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  122. A Hoosier's letter from Camp Near Kingston GA May 21, 1864
  123. looking for resources
  124. How to prepare coffee
  125. Issued Corn Meal
  126. "Hurry and Stepping out to Be Prevented" from Butterfield
  127. Civil War Diaries and Letters Online
  128. 16th Mississippi Infantry Flag
  129. Pay documents
  130. Picket duty during the siege of Vicksburg
  131. 85th Illinois Vol Inf History