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03-12-2008, 04:00 PM

I am interested in finding information on the where abouts, if known, of the original unit flag for the 6th MO Inf, CSA.

The MO DNR, DPHP museum at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, MO has the battle flag captured at the end of war. (I believe in Mobile AL.) The flag is the typical Confederate battle flag pattern, but in a size not typical for issuance to an infantry unit. It lists the battle honors, stenciled, on the face of the flag. It has undergone restoration and has been stabilized. The curator of the museum was more than kind in providing me with many details about the flag and its preservation, but unfortunately I do not have the letter at hand to relay to you.

Prior to the flag in the State Capitol Museum collection being placed into service the 6th MO fought under a different unit flag, which I am attempting to locate information as to its where abouts, construction and design. I am assuming that the flag was either a Missouri State Militia flag or one of a unique design or of the Trans-Mississippi Confederate designs. From the information in Phil Gottschalk's [I]In Deadly Earnest[I], I understand that this flag was given to the widow of the unit's commanding officer, Eugene Erwin (Irwin) after his death at Vicksburg MS. Phil stated that Mrs. Erwin then returned to her home in Lexington, but it is not clear if she returned to Lexington KY, her family home, or Lexington MO, her marital home.

If you have any information about this flag, please post it here or PM me through the site.

Thank you for your help.
Kevin Baker; aka, mobluegraysoldier