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Tom Grazioli
03-26-2008, 10:23 AM
Received 3/26/08 from the SC Confederate Relic Room (http://www.crr.sc.gov/). If you're in the neighborhood, it's certainly worth the time to visit.


COLUMBIA, SC — Robert E. Lee in the uniform he wore while surrendering at Appomattox. Abraham Lincoln’s last formal photo session in the White House. The moment when the Lincoln assassination plotters were executed.

These images – and dozens of other iconic photographs of America’s bloody Civil War – are coming to the S.C Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum March 28 as part of a fascinating new exhibit, “Civil War Photographs from the David L. Hack Collection.” The first South Carolina appearance for the traveling exhibit organized by the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia will feature over 50 unique period photographs.

“The images in this collection are stark, human and unforgettable and will be of great interest to both the military history enthusiast and the general public,” said museum Director Allen Roberson. “These are some of the most powerful and well-known photographs in our nation’s history.”

They range from portraits of Confederate spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow and her daughter to battle front scenes and studio shots of soldiers and their tattered flags. Some of the subjects, like Gen. George Armstrong Custer, would make their mark after the war. The exhibit also explains the technical processes used by photographers during this time when photography was first becoming a mass medium.

The exhibit includes images from a variety of photographers who worked in the North and South. While Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner are perhaps the most well-known photographers of the war, there were several talented photographers who worked in the South. However, they struggled to produce images during the war due to difficulties in obtaining supplies.

The Chrysler exhibit has been supplemented with a few examples from South Carolina photographers that are from the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum’s collection or borrowed from the South Caroliniana Library.

Also on exhibit will be “Civil War Redux: Pinhole Photographs by Willie Anne Wright,” which features photographs depicting Civil War re-enactors using the primitive pinhole photography process. Using this technique, Wright (b. 1924) followed living historians to many re-enactments to document scenes similar to those that interested Civil War-era photographers.

Both exhibits open March 28, 2008 and close June 28, 2008. They will be displayed in two galleries located within the main gallery.

Tom Grazioli