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Jerry Ross
07-01-2008, 08:33 AM
Hello all,
Permission has been given to add a squad of cavalry at the Stones River event.The plan is to drill with/against the infantry. I know there are many of you fellas that have horses out there. I am willing to help anyone that might need parts of gear or other items.
If your interested in joining please e-mail me Jerryrosssgt@hotmail.com

Jerry Ross

Jerry Ross
07-23-2008, 10:38 PM
Hey fellas ,
I found a little infomation about the unit that will be portrayed for the weekend .

This information comes from the

Organized October 13, 1862; consolidated February 25, 1863 with Douglass's Battalion and three other companies to form the 11th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment.
Major-Daniel W. Holman
Holman's Battalion had an organized life of only a little over four months. It was composed of four companies:
M. M. Swaim, Co. "A". Organized September 8, 1862 at Chapel Hill, Marshall County. Became Company "B", 11th Regiment.
Jacob T. Martin, Co. "B". Organized August 16, 1862 at Thompson Station, Williamson County. Became Company G", 11th Regiment.
Andrew R. Gordon, Co. "C". Organized September 10, 1862. Men from Cornersville, then Giles, now Marshall County, and Lewisburg, Marshall County. Became Company "E", 11th Regiment.
James W. Rivers, Co. "D". Organized October 13, 1862 at Pulaski, Giles County.
Major Holman had previously served as major of the 1st (Turney's) Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Provisional Army, Confederate States.
About the 1st of December, the battalion reported for duty to Brigadier General Joseph Wheeler, who was encamped near LaVergne, Tennessee. Major Holman reported on December 4, that the previous night, starting from their camp on Stone's River, near La Vergne, a detachment from his battalion surprised and put to flight a Federal force at Stewart's Ferry, on Stewart's Creek.
The battalion took part in the fighting prior to, and in the Battle of Murfreesboro, December 31, 1862, as part of Brigadier General Wheeler's Brigade. General Wheeler reported that on December 26, his force was encamped on Stewart's Creek, was engaged on that day, and also on the 28th and 29th. On the 30th, it made a sweep entirely around the rear of the Federal Army, completing the circuit in time to take part in the battle on the 31st.
After the battle, the battalion, in Wheeler's command, was engaged in scouting and skirmishing along the Cumberland River below Nashville, culminating April 8 in an attack on Dover, Tennessee, by the combined forces of General Wheeler and General Forrest. Here Major Holman was severely wounded, and the battalion lost 25 men in killed and wounded.
A few weeks later, by order of General Forrest, Holman's Battalion, Douglass' Battalion and three other companies were consolidated to form the 11th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. Both battalions protested against the merger, but to no avail. General Forrest appointed J. H. Edmondson as colonel of the new regiment, but Major Holman, on recovering from his wounds rejoined the regiment, first as lieutenant colonel, later as colonel, and commanded it for the remainder of the war.

The next bit of info comes from

"About the middle of October, 1862, the battalion was organized, went into camp, and for about one month was subjected to drill and military discipline preparatory to active field duty. While thus engaged details were called for to assist in enforcing the conscript law and arresting deserters from the army.
In arresting one Wm. Meadows, a deserter, Private Wm. Gordon, of Capt. River's company, was killed near Cornersville, Tenn. Meadows shot him from a crack in his house, for which he was tried by court-martial at Murfreesboro a few days afterward and shot. A few days before the killing of Gordon, Meadows had shot and severely wounded _____ Malone of Capt. Gordon's company."
Holman's Battalion spent the rest of 1862 scouting for Confederate General Joe Wheeler in the vicinity of Lavergne, Franklin and Murfreesboro. They participated in several skirmishes between Lavergne and Nashville.

07-23-2008, 10:51 PM
I would be happy to come if it was not so close to Marmaduke's Raid. Are any of you thinking of making it over to MO?


Chris Talburt

Jerry Ross
07-24-2008, 09:13 PM
I will not be going to Missouri unfortunately.

Jerry Ross
08-04-2008, 12:08 PM
Hey fellas,
I just confirmed with Jim Lewis from Stones River that most of Holman's unit would have been outfitted with Civilian Clothing from home with them being organized around October of 62. Shotguns -3 band Enfield's have been identified as being used in the area from Mounted troops.

I look forward to seeing you there.

08-15-2008, 08:57 AM

I was excited to read you are going to portray Holman's cavalry. An ancestor, Hardy Holt, rode in company B.

Carrie Holt Craddock

Jerry Ross
08-15-2008, 11:44 AM
Good to hear from you .Yes ,we are . It was neat they were forming about the same time as the event. Who was he? Do you have any more info on the unit?

08-18-2008, 07:48 AM
Hardy was my GGGrandfather who was born in 1842 and married Deann Polk. Unfotunately that is all info I have on him.


Jerry Ross
09-24-2008, 02:10 PM
Hey fellas,
I will still be willing to help anyone that would like to come to this event. Gear,horse,uniform, I have extra .Just drop me a line.