View Full Version : Military Station / Pickets Charge

Dale Beasley
08-25-2008, 12:24 PM
Since the storm came in Saturday, I have not had so much time to watch tv and play on the computer like I have in the past few days.

Yesterday, while watching the Military Station there was a show called History Investigates (I think) talked about the number of casualities during Pickets Charge. This really caught my attention, since the thread I was working on was closed, but my GGGrandfather and three of his cousins took their place in the charge.

My GGGrandfather signed a memo for record for one of his men who was injured. In the Memo he wrote that the charge was in such a bad fix, they laid down in the road trying to stay alive. This was mentioned in the show last night.

The deadly force behind the weapons was ....wild.

Did anyone see it?