View Full Version : Army of South Carolina, Lt. Col. R. S. Ripley

10-02-2008, 12:49 AM
I copied these letters from the originals at the South Carolniana Library earlier this summer. I haven't translated them but, I scanned them so they wouldn't sit on my desk forever. There are letters from Lt. Col R. S. Ripley from the early 1861 "Army of South Carolina" correspondence and one August, 1863 letter concerning rations at Morris Island. To my knowledge these are the only digitized copies of these letters. You will need Adobe 8.1 Reader to view them, I will have others scanned and posted in the future, perhaps others more adept at reading 19th Century writing can derive some additional information.

And shamelessly I must plug our Fort Moultrie series of events for 2008-2011. Please use these letters for educational or non-profit purposes only. I will have more to post in the future.