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Terry Sorchy
10-07-2008, 10:15 AM
We now have three companies being formed for the Piney Woods event.
Company A will be commanded by Harrison Holloway
Company D will be commanded by Rob Murray
Company C will be commanded by Michael Comer
I am looking for three more companies to fill up the battalion.
A color guard is also being formed and I need buglers, drummers, fifers, and guides.
If you wish to put together a company for this historic event please reply here or PM me or email me or call me at 608-293-0585.
I am looking for 25-30 man companies and it will be the responsibility of the company commander to make sure they have the number for the event.
Please take into consideration attrition.
All company commanders should have an excellent knowledge of platoon, skirmish, and battalion drill.
This is going to be a functional well run federal battalion and we would love to have you as a part of it.
Terry Sorchy

Gallo de Cielo
10-08-2008, 09:44 AM
A tip of the hat goes to Mr. Sorchy. The battalion he lead at BGR has since formed the core of a functional and effective field unit. Many of those same men served under Terry at Outpost and again at Marmaduke's. I believe a portion were even out in Pennsylvania for At High Tide.

Tom and I know that that Federal hordes will do fine work in the Kisatchie wilderness for Into the Piney Woods. Fellows that are looking for a good home in Blue, you've found one.

I look forward to serving as the civilian guide for you lads while Tom keeps the CS boys on the right path.


Hairy Nation Boys
10-08-2008, 10:43 AM
Company A Men:
We already have at least twenty men who have contacted me about being in company A. If you were in our company at BGR or Marmadukes and you want to be in company A please e-mail or PM ASAP! I want to get your names down. Also, once registration opens I expect all of you to register ASAP! We are looking for hardchargers, and men whose only concern is their pards.

Old Reb
10-08-2008, 11:00 AM
Registration will open soon. When it does, get registered muy pronto and don't miss this one. As Fred said, I will be guiding the CSA led by "Cherry Bounce" Aufmuth. He is a dangerous character when leading men in Kisatchie or any where else. Looking forward to next March.

Michael Comer
10-08-2008, 09:06 PM
Well, I'm going to try this one as a Federal and see what Louisiana's like when wearing blue. To echo what Holler stated about Co. A if you plan on joining my company, Co. C, please let me know. The sooner commanders have an idea of their company makeup, the sooner they can start planning their organization etc.

I had a blast at BGR under Mr. Aufmuth's command. I'm sure I'll have a blast this time under Mr. Sorchy's.

10-08-2008, 09:54 PM
Michael likes a good chase, as he showed well at BGR! Folks I am switching sides this time too as Terry's second in command, quite an honor to be sure. It would be great to have a far western company, a far eastern company or just 3 more companies from anywhere...equal opportunity abounds.

In making your decision to attend, recall that EVERYTHING these gentlemen (Fred, Tom, Frank and Terry) organize and/or command is an outstanding event (see list). I would not miss this for the world. BGR remains the single best event I have yet attended, and the others on the list below are all top 10 in 20 years. No hype folks...ask anybody or read the threads. Ask Jay. :)

- BGR 2007
- Mansfield Preservation March 2005
- Mansfield Living History 2006
- Marmaduke's Raid 2008
- Outpost 2007 (Sorchy commanded the feds, org by the WIG)

Hairy Nation Boys
10-09-2008, 10:11 AM
Here are where the companies came from:
Company A and I Jackson County
Company B and C Cedar County
Company D Johnson County
Company E Tama County
Company F,G and H Linn
Company K Jones

Of course we are ALL Hawkeyes!

Here is some good background on the regiment.

Terry Sorchy
12-10-2008, 01:50 PM
There will be a fourth Federal Company forming for Piney Woods. It will be designated company B and will be commanded by Jeremy Powell. Jeremy is with the Cornfed Comrades and the ONV. He was my Lt. at Picketts Mill and Captain Gerows sgt. at Marmadukes. Jeremy did a Bully job and really knows his stuff.
We have quite a few registered for the event. The majority are in Capt. Holloways company and Capt. Murrays. Company's will be capped at 35. All people registering after the company caps will be redirected to lighter company's in order to fill them out. Captain Comers and Powell are fine leaders and should be supported.
I know I say this before every event but we really need your registration in ASAP to know our numbers and how we are to plan for the event. I would love to say that we are not in a numbers driven hobby but then I would be lying to you. We are in a very numbers driven hobby.
I cannot speak the laurels of this event anymore. You all know about it and what it is about. This is the true soldiers event period. If you have the attitude and can make it, we want you. If you have the right attitude and just need a little kit to come, I will loan it to you. I have been in this hobby for 29 years and at no time, not during the 125th's through the 140th's, not during the tacticals of the old days or the two day living historys, do they compare to a week in the Kistashy.(butchered the spelling again):(
You know me and my attention to detail at events. I will assure you that you will come away from this event with sore muscles and a new respect for the soldiers of the 1860's, and for youreself.
Join Us Please
Thank You
Terry Sorchy