View Full Version : Dirge Sung at the Consecration of the Soldiers' Cemetery at Gettysburg, Nov. 19th, 1863

11-20-2008, 12:14 AM
Going through a box of old songsheets this evening, 19 Nov 08, I ran across a dirge reportedly sung at the Soldiers Cemetery this very day one hundred and forty five years ago. Here's the link : http://levysheetmusic.mse.jhu.edu/levy-cgi/display.cgi?id=087.115.000;pages=4;range=0-4 Unfortunately, page three is missing. Must not have been as sweet as the simple phrasing from A. Lincoln himself otherwise, it's probably still exist.

It's a little hard to see the other pages, so here's the link all the remaining sheets of the music in pdf format (http://levysheetmusic.mse.jhu.edu/levy-cgi/datastream.cgi?id=087.115;type=pdf).

11-20-2008, 08:23 AM
Dear Yaller Dog Staff Officer,
A local library just had an event to commemorate and in some part , reenact the Gettysburg Address . They actually had an Edward Everett portrayer give a half hour hour version of his two hour speech, Lincoln portrayer Max Daniels gave Lincoln's 272 word speech and we performed Old Hundreth and a few patriotic airs.
We mentioned this dirge to the library folks but they opted for the better recognized "Battle Hynn of the Republic," which was well received. Well, at least you and I know about the dirge . History is written by the winners , or at least the hosts .
all for the old flag,
David Corbett