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12-18-2008, 04:51 PM
Sir and Ma'am, here are a couple of items having to do with the Wilmington and Weldon RR. One source is the Wilmington Journal (NP, WJ 8-6-63), the other is the Quartermaster General's Department (NA, QM 5-9-64)

From the Wilmington Journal
December 13, 1861
Wilmington Rail Road Guards
Wanted immediately, one Captian and two Lieutenants, five Sergeants and eight Corporals, ninty Privates to form a company for "Local Defence." Ordered by the General Commanding the District of Cape Fear to be raised, and will be mustered into service for the war unless sooner discharged, and will be permanently assigned to the duty of guarding the Bridges on the Railroads, Wilmington & Weldon and Wilmington & Manchester, within the State of North Carolina, including the Roanoke Bridge at Weldon.

The usual pay and allowances for Infantry troops will be allowed this company. The men to be armed with Shotguns and Rifles---each man to bring his arms.

Applications for places will be made to the undersigned forthwith.

Here is an opportunity to serve the Confederacy without going beyond the limits of the State.

Col. and Chief Engineer Distract of Cape Fear And Superintendent of Wilmington & Weldon RR

Quartermaster General's Department
Richmond, May 9, 1864

Maj. G.W.Cameron
Wilmington, N.C.

Capt. McCoy AQM, just arrived in Richmond under orders, reports to me that by the permission of the officers of the 11th S.C., he obtained a seat in the cars appropriated to those officers, & that the car was not filled; that the vacant seats in the car were afterwards filled by ladies, who got in at Way Station. This on Friday May 8.

Please let me know how it happened that in the existing pressure, requiring that every man who can bear arms should be hurried forward, any car was permitted to leave Wilmington unless filled to its utmost capacity with such men.

A.R.Lawton, Q.M.G.

The link to this site is http://www.csa-railroads.com/Wilmington%20&%20Weldon.htm

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Sir and Ma'am, the above link is broken. www.csa-railroads.com/ will take you to the site now. In the railroads box, click NC, then in NC RR's box, roll down to Wilmington & Weldon.

NP,WJ 12-13-61 is correct for above Wilmington Journal article.

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Mr Mel,

The oft' neglected Old North State social group* touched on the rail yard guards for short shiny moment. Fascinating guys. They manned a block house in Goldsboro and patrolled the switch yards there. The block house sat just east of the modern downtown traffic circle where the 1940's firehouse is today. It was between the W&W and the Female Acadamy, of Goldsboro Rifles flag fame, and the hospital complex (both northeast of the corner of Ash and William).

*In my less than valued opinion, this was once the finest NC room on the web.

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One bit of local Wayne County NC lore tells of an incident in '63 or 4 when a stranger impersonating a preacher targeted the vulnerabilities of Goldsboro war widows. The sheriff enlisted the help of the rail guard to flush the weasel out and when they did he fled on horse, south towards the Neuse. One guard fired at him with a shotgun, neatly cutting off the scoundrels left thumb, which was quickly taken into custody. The rest of him escaped.

Pollock-Thompson-Ward-Williamson family records; WCPL, SLoNC