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10-09-2009, 08:46 PM
Here is a neat account by Silas Turnbo who served in the 27th Arkansas Infantry during the War. The is his account of arriving in camp in north Arkansas.

"The soldiers were short of tents. I saw only a few good ones. Others were old and worn. Some others were holy and in tatters. Guns of all kinds were stacked around trees all over camp, the leading variety being the old muzzle loading rifle, double and single barrel shotguns. Only a few regular army guns were noticed. Nearly all the men were dressed in their homespun. A few had on store cloth and as far as I could observe, not one wore a uniform of Confederate gray. The horses were of all sizes from little to big and from very poor to sleek fat. The kinds of saddles ranged from the common pack saddle to a much better one.

I stopped and inquired of an officer where Captain Woods' company was and he pointed toward the bank of the creek and said, "There is Captain Woods' tent out there. I belong to Woods' company myself. I am one of his lieutenants."

I told the officer my name and where I lived and that I had come to join Woods' company and he said, "I will take you to Captain Woods and introduce you to him."

Captain Woods seemed to be a plain, nice man and informed me that he was glad to take me into his company and while I was talking to him, Jim Holt, John Barnes, and Joe Trimble came up and shook hands with me and welcomed me in the company and I felt a little at home. The officer who introduced me was Lieutenant J. C. Rea. Another of Captain Woods' lieutenants was A. S. "Bud" Wood."

10-09-2009, 09:05 PM
That's a good account! Lots of information!