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02-27-2010, 06:11 PM
The event is just two weeks away. We, the event staff are ready. The logistics is gathered, the plans are laid.

1. We have been providing each Company Commander a detailed Roster of those registered to participate in their respective companies. Hopefully they have been communicating to you, the men in their ranks.

2. We will be sending out the emergency contact numbers to the Company commanders for them to disseminate down the men, next weekend. The site at LBL is rural. Cellular Phone signals are available in most areas, but not in the valleys and draws. We ask that if your family has a legitimate emergency, they first try to call the numbers we will provide. If they do not get an answer, leave a voice mail, we will be checking our phones almost hourly for messages. Text Messages get through a lot more frequently than regular phone calls. We will be checking for those as well.

3. Arrival times for participants. If you will not arrive prior to 10pm on Friday night, contact us so that we can plan to accommodate shuttle runs pre-dawn on Saturday morning. Obviously we'd like to get the rations issued and the men ready to step off earlier, rather than later. Late arrivals will hamper this effort.
Look at you distance to travel and your chosen route and determine the travel time you must cover. If you will be delayed past 10pm on your arrival, let us know now. Send me an e-mail at: brian_hicks@usa.net

4. Rations. We are issuing rations to cover Saturday Morning through Sunday morning. For Friday Night, you are on your own.

-Confederates: bring at least four Poke Sacks, each large enough to hold a fist sized amount of items. We have lots of parched corn and dried roots to issue to you (hey... remember this is March 1865).

Federals: bring at least two Poke sacks, as you will have fewer dried roots to carry. But don't fear, we will provide enough period rations for everyone.

5. Hydrate. You will be covering good distances on foot. Be prepared to march, and march some more, then fight, march and fight again.

6. Marching distances. As advertised, this is not a stationary event. Be prepared to march.

7. Orders. Neither commander has any prior knowledge of the area they will be operating in.... or where they will start from.... or the direction or purpose of their movements. They don't even know how many men are registered in the opposing column! Written orders will be delivered to the commanders which will cause them to react and move accordingly.

8. Water Sources Potable water will be staged. Natural water sources are available, though scarce, and are to be used only if you are dry and too far away from staged water. Non-Iodine tablets for water purification will be available. Iodine Tables will also be available. If you have Shell Fish or Iodine Allergies, make certain you inform your Orderly Sergeant before having a tablet dropped in your canteen to purify a natural water source. If you have a Shell Fish or Iodine Allergy you will be best served by using a Non-Iodine purification tablet (which we will provide to the Orderly Sgts) Non-Iodine based tablets have been more difficult to acquire, and are more costly than the traditional Iodine tables. We will provide both, each clearly marked, to the Orderly Sgts...Staged potable water in water containers are our first source, the natural water sources requiring tablets are a back up if someone gets too far away from the water drop locations.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the site. Ty to get there earlier rather than later, and be careful in your travels.

02-27-2010, 07:57 PM
Brian- GREAT organization and info....

We are JAZZED about this event.... Come hell, high water (as it was) or snow.....

02-28-2010, 12:17 AM
Just a quick coupla more notes on Backwater 1865.

Please, please, please keep an eye out for fires caused by musketry. Regardless of how wet the ground might be the leaves dry fast.

We’ll be in some tough terrain. Be safe, monitor yourself (you know you best). Straggling is quite authentic (and it can cause fits for commanders :).

Regarding parking. We’ve been asked to fill the overflow location before using the S. Welcome St. lot. By no means are we to block passage though the Welcome Station.
Just a heads up.

We’re all here to experience the rigors of 19th century soldiering, yet we all have to return to the real world after Backwater. As this is a maneuver event, it has a great dynamic potential. Go with the flow and please remember - no harm, no foul.

02-28-2010, 11:48 AM
Once you have registered, we will be shuttling participants in groups to their respective staging areas. We ask very strongly that once you are dropped off, and began your walk to the respective start points, that as you take each step from the shuttle vehicle you leave more and more of the modern era behind, so that when you reach the actual group of fellow participants in the Friday Night start point, you are in March 1865. Please try to maintain that 1865 attitude and if possible, the first person from that point until we end the event on Sunday.

In other words..... start portraying 1865 Military life as soon as you get off the shuttle. Get the military routine organized, and maintain that 1865 Military routine until the end of the event.

02-28-2010, 03:40 PM
I am so pumped!