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09-21-2010, 01:14 PM
This has been transcribed from a friends collection, from No. 40 Special Requisition, spelling is original.

4 Four Forage Caps
1 One Uniform (?) Coat (I can't make out a letter)
19 ninteen pr. Trousers
2 Two Blousses (lined)
14 Fourteen Shirts
11 Eleven pr. Drawers
5 Five pr. Boots
1 One pr. Bootees
18 Eighteen pr Stockings (the number was changed)
2 Two Rubber P.T. Blankets (I think the letters are P.T.)
2 Two Blankets- Woolen
2 Two Knapsacks
1 One Canteen

The reason To supply the wants of my Company
It then has signatures of: 1st Luit J Bowsher commanding Co F 55th OVI
Luit. W Wickham , Actg Regimental Quartermaster (he then adds in 55th OVI) U.S. Army
CR Gambee Col. 55 OVI (the "C" and "G" are really blotched)
Look Out Valley, Tenn, The 20th of April 1864
signed in duplicate