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09-22-2010, 09:24 PM
Special Orders No. 9, Head Quarters 14th N.Y.V.A. Fort Richmond, Jan 15th 1864: “The attention of all Officers of the 14th N.Y.V.A. is hereby called to the fact that nothing but the prescribed and undress uniforms will be allowed. By order of Col. E.G. Marshall.”

Circular, HQ Ft Richmond Jan 15: “The attention of company officers is hereby called to the following regulations for the dress of enlisted men of this command; on fatigue duty and drill the blouse and not the dress coat will be worn. Dress coats to be worn on guard, parade, and at company and battalion instructions, until further orders, and overcoats will be invariably worn at guard and parade.”

Circular, Jan 15: “Company commanders will see that the enlisted men of their commands have the cross cannon and number of the Regiment on their caps. If the men have lost the number or cross cannon a requisition will immediately be made and charge to the men who are resupplied.”

Special Orders No. 9, Jan 15: “Officers and non-commissioned officers in charge of detachments on artillery drill will be held responsible for the soiling or injury of casements by the men in the use of tobacco.”

Special Orders No. 22, HQ 14th NYVA, Jan 16: “Until further orders there will be allowed daily two passes for enlisted men of each co. these passes to be in the Adjutants office before 10 o’clock the previous day.”

Circular, Ft. Richmond, Jan 18: “I. It has been observed by the Colonel Commanding that the commanders of companies pay but little attention to the appearance of their men. A change must take place immediately. In future company commanders will see that the men before marching to guard mount, parade or inspections are in proper shape; that the cap boxes are upon the body belt next the plate; that the tompions are taken out and placed beneath the belt on the left of the plate; that the cartridge and cap boxes and belts are perfectly blacked and plates cleaned. II. Each company will be divided into squads and each squad be placed in charge of a non-commissioned officer who will be held responsible for the appearance of his men.”

Special Order No. 13, Jan 19: “I. The attention of company commanders is called to the fact that enlisted men are not allowed to smoke in the ranks, and that their coats are unbuttoned at company roll call. This practice must at once cease. II. Company commanders will take away all citizens clothing from the enlisted men of their respective companies, and turn the same over to the Quartermaster.”