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10-04-2010, 10:54 PM
“Head Quarters Fort at Sandy Hook, N.Y. H Jany 29th 1864. Order No. 7. “In compliance with G.O. No 3 Head Quarters U.S. Troops (First Division Department of the East) New York City and Harbor, dated Jan 18th, 1864, the Drills of this Post will be regulated as follows. I The Artillery drills will be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, two each day from 10 a.m. to 12 m. and from 3 P.M. to 4 P.M. II The Infantry drills will be on Thursday and Friday, Two day, from 10 a.m. to 12 m and from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. III Dress Parade will take place every evening (Saturday Excepted) ½ an hour before Sun Set. By order of Lieut. Col. E Steen.”

“Made requisition Jany 15th 1864 for the following Clothing, Camp, and Garrison, equipage. 3 Caps, 5 Over Coats, 6 pr Drawers, 11 pr Pants, 6 Shirts, 4 Pr Stockings, 9 Wool Blankets, 2 Knapsacks, 7 Bed Ticks, 11 Rubber Blankets, 10 Camp Kettles, 10 Mess Pans, 3 Axes, 2 Hatchets, 2 Spades. Received Feby. 2d, 1864 at Fort Sandy Hook the above Requisition in full of Lieut Seth N Hedges.”

Post orders No. 9, Head Quarters Fort Sandy Hook, Oct 24th 1863: “The Articles of War will be read by the Com. Officers to their Companies at this Post, on Sundays at inspection, 9 o’clock A.M.”

“Invoice of Clothing Camp and Garrison Equipage turned over by Lieut A Shuber Quarter Master 14th NY Artillery to Capt C.H. Houghton Company “l” 14th NYVA. 100 Over Coats, 109 Frock Coats, 108 prs Trowsers, 112 Blouses, 106 Caps, 76 Numbers, 111 Woolen Blankets, 115 Rubber Blankets, 143 Plates, 143 Cups Tin, 143 Knives, 143 Pair Private Scales, 143 Spoons, 217 Shirts, 216 Pairs of Drawers, 218 of Socks, 13 of Shoes, 113 Knapsacks, 228 Knapsack Straps, 1 Over Coat Cavalry, 114 Bed Sacks, 143 Forks. Received during the month of January 1864.”

“Head Qrs L Co 14th NY Artillery Fort at Sandy Hook NYH March 27th 1864. Special Requisition No 40 for L Co 14th NYA. 50 Prs Private Pants, nrs 4-3-2-1, 10 Uniform Frock Coats Art, nrs 4-3-2-1, 150 Regulation Hats- (Trimmed), 50 Knit Shirts (Colored), 8 pr Sergts Scales, 22 pr Privates Scales.”

“Order No. 20, Head Qrs Fort at Sandy Hook N.Y.H. March 8th 1864 … VII The Corporals and Sergeants of [company] Sections will be held responsible to the first Sergeant, Chief of Section, and Company Commander, that their men appear neat and clean, that they wash their hands and face daily, that they brush or comb their heads, and that those who are detailed for duty put their arms in the best order. … X The utmost attention will be paid by company commanders to the cleanliness and soldierly bearing of their men, to their persons, arms, clothing and accoutrements. XII Immediately after Reville roll call the quarters and space surrounding them will be put in order by the men of the companies superintended by the corporals sergeants and chiefs of section. XIII The General Cleaning up will be on Saturday, the Corporals and Sergeants of Sections (under the supervision of the first sergeant and Chief of Section) will cause the bunks and bedding to be over hauled, floors scrubbed or dry rubbed, tables and benches scoured, arms cleaned, accoutrements polished, and every thing put in order.”