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German Turner
12-25-2003, 01:03 PM
Dear pards over the ocean,

researching the 17th Missouri Volunteers (Western Turner Rifles) I would greatly appreciate every little piece of information that may be buried anywhere in your archives or collections.

The 17th MO is the regiment we portray over here in Germany, as many German-born soldiers were enlistet in this unit (http://www.17thmissouri.de). We also are familiar with the American research site (http://www17thmissouri.com) that is maintained by Phil Hinderberger, a descendant of Sgt. Christian Hinderberger who fought with the 17th. Phil visited us this year and we had the chance to honor the flag of the 17th MO that was restored and lent to the "Haus der Geschichte Baden-Wuertemberg" (House of History Baden Wuertemberg), Stuttgart, Germany, for display. Many of the soldiers of the 17th Missouri were imigrants from the south-western region of Germany and many of them fought with the 48ers.

So any little hint that fits into the mosaic would be great. Thanks in advance, best regards from Germany,

Dr. Hartwig Buettner