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M.T. Moses
03-02-2011, 12:53 PM
While perusing through old research materials I have stored, I ran across this little tidbit that has always intrigued me.

WEEKLY COLUMBUS [GA] ENQUIRER, March 18, 1862, p. 3, c. 3

From the Macon Telegraph.
Gunboat Fund.

Mr. Clisby: Sir: We see by the Charleston papers, that a young lady, Miss Sue L. Gelzen, of Summerville, has started a subscription to build a gunboat at Charleston, by the ladies of the Palmetto State, which is being responded to by the ladies of Carolina. We propose that her noble example should be followed by our native Georgia. And as an earnest of our intentions, we herewith enclose you our subscriptions of five dollars each, to build a gunboat, for our own gallant war-worn veteran Commodore Tattnall, who oft has bared his breast to the "battle and the breeze." We know there is patriotism enough among the ladies of the Empire State of the South, to raise the necessary fund to build one that will do credit to Georgia. We would therefore, propose the following names to act as agents to receive funds from the ladies of Georgia:
For Macon.—Editor Georgia Telegraph, Editor Georgia Messenger, Col. L. N. Whittler, Jas. A. Nisbet, Esq., Mrs. Washington Poe.
Savannah.—Savannah Republican, Savannah Morning News.
Augusta.—Constitutionalist, Chronicle & Sentinel.
Columbus.—Times and Enquirer.
Atlanta.—Intelligencer and Confederacy.
Milledgeville.—Southern Federal Union and Southern Recorder.
Albany.—Richard Clark and Sims & Rusk [?]
Americus—John J. Scarboro and T. M. Furlow.
Cuthbert.—Edward McDonald and Otho P. Beall.
Sandersville.—James S. Hook, Esq.
Waynesboro.—Mrs. Shewmake.
Covington.—Wm. P. Anderson.
Not being sufficiently acquainted to name agents in the various counties of Georgia, we would recommend the ladies to appoint agents in their various towns and counties and remit their collections to a committee in Savannah, to be composed of His Honor Edward J. Harden, R. R. Cuyler, President, Central Railroad, G. B. Lamar, President Bank of Commerce.
Respectfully yours,
Mary Ann & Ella.