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04-28-2004, 08:20 PM
Here are a some shots of flag hardware.

The simple ball ornament and ground point were found at Bristoe Station. The ball was found in the 1940's and the ground point with an Army mine detector in 1955-58.

They are from the position of Cooke's Brigade where the 27TH NC advanced to within yards of the railroad while being ravaged and then pushed back.

The broken eagle is taller than presented. The body leans forward while the wings swoop back. This foreshortens the image considerably. It retains a good amount of gilt.

The second eagle is from another collection. It has the same dimensions as the broken example but with the head facing the opposite direction. I does not tilt forward as much as the first.

All head piece bodies are bronze. Both eagles are in two parts, bodies and feet/legs . The sleeve and sphere is in two sections as well. A steel bolt passes through the upper half of the sphere, feet, legs into the ''thigh'' and into the body. A soldered nut in the hollow of the sphere holds the three together. The lower half of the sphere with the sleeve is silver-soldered to the upper assembly. The sphere halves are brass.

The groundpoint is copper and appears to be third quarter 18th to first quarter 19th century. It also fits well in the baldric keeper.

Both eagles are presented to me as Civil War era. This is all I can do as well.