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09-03-2011, 10:36 PM
I while ago I decided to build myself a custom civil war arm. I choose the Prussian Potsdam 1809 musket. In August of 1861, about 165,000 of these were imported by the North. However, no one makes a reproduction, making this one of the most underrepresented arms out there. So in the fall I ordered a parts kit from the Rifle Shoppe.

The Rifle Shoppe has a reputation for quality parts but poor customer service. In fact, I think they forgot about me after a few months. To their credit, when I called them in early spring, they realized they forgot and built the lock for me for free, which I thank them for, as they did a good job and building locks is very hard. Additionally when I ordered some more parts a month ago their response was quick. I would order from them again.

The Rifle Shoppe cast parts directly from originals. I don't think you could get any closer to the real thing than an original, however mine looks like it came fresh from the Potsdam Arsenal and I don't have to worry about harming an original. I learned one thing from the experience: building a musket is a very hard thing to do! I spent most of my summer building it, and I made several mistakes, but in the end a quality product. Aligning the screws in the stock was difficult, as well was engraving the lock plate and butt plate. In my humble opinion my fit and finish is better than the current crop of reproductions.

The 1809 is a massive musket, mostly due to a super thick ramrod. It's a very sharp looking weapon, with it's brass bands. Now I need to find two things, has anyone ever made a bayonet scabbard for the 1809 bayonet? I also need a pattern or something for the musket tool, as the cone is larger than American cones.

enjoy the pics (mods how do I put this as thumbnails?)


Tim Surprenant

09-04-2011, 02:41 AM
Nice work! It actually looks better than the original Potsdam I used to own. Now when you say a "kit", does TRS actually offer a kit or did you have to buy all the part individually?

09-04-2011, 02:46 AM
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The musket looks really nice alsthough I have nothing to compare with. There are some M1809 muskets from India available but with flintlock. The so called neupreußische Muskete. Some of us were thinking about having a conversion barrel and a percussion hammer being made to exchange.
Well the bayonet scabbard would probably have been a 2 rivet scabbard especially made for the prussian bayonet. The Prussians did not use bayonet scabbards in 1809 the bayonet ways carried fixed all the time. Sometimes they were even soldered on.
You will find quality makers on the Approved vendor list who can surely make you a good 2 rivet scabbard for your "pumpkin slinger"