View Full Version : Registration Check In Process for 15th/16th Iowa

Matt Woodburn
03-11-2012, 10:00 PM
Ok, I got word back from the event on how they want us to do registration. If YOU registered, use YOUR name. If you replaced someone who registered, use THEIR name, NOT yours. The event did not want to replace all of the original names and I don't blame them. Too much work.

Their registration check in address is 1120 Hwy 22, Shiloh, TN. AFTER you check in there, proceed to Federal Parking on Joe Dillon Road. As you pull into Federal Parking look for our "15th/16th Iowa Bus Stop" sign along Joe Dillon Road. The bus stop is the location where you will 1) go through our check in, 2) turn in your 50 rounds, 3) get your bus/boat ticket , 4) likely be assigned 30 minutes of work to do such as help with food in Savannah, set up tents, staffing registration, etc. Please be polite and responsive if asked to help with something as it's for the benefit of the regiment. If everyone does only 30 minutes, we'll get it all done.

Now here is a task where we need some help. We need lanterns to light up the boat. We have some but not enough. If you have one, I'd like you to bring it (we'll supply the candles) and take it to Savannah with you on the bus. You will not have to carry it on the march as we'll put it in one of the wagons. The first boat load will take them aboard and put them in place. The last (third) boat load will take them off the boat and put them in the wagon at Pittsburg Landing. You can retrieve it from the wagon at our Saturday night camp.