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From the Lancaster Ledger 08/09/1864

From the Lancaster Ledger 08/09/1864

The Situation

The mining experiment at Petersburg, which culminated on the 30th ult., is acknowledged by the enemy as a failure. It will be seen by the reports which we publish elsewhere that they admit a loss of five thousnad men. Our loss, inclusive of prisoners is put down about one thousand. Our troops hold their old lines.

At Atlanta, General Hood, for the last week has fully msintained his ground and with the report of reinforcements coming in, confidence is somewhat reinstated in that quarter.

According to a late telegram, warm work is expected at Mobile. The demonstration of the enemy is doubtless, intended to prevent the sending of reinforcements to Hood.

General Early has again turned the head of his column towards the enemy's country, if not towards its capital. This time while advancing under the favorable circumstance of having only a defeated army in the front, he will not find Washington City undefended and open to his troops; but notwithstanding this, says the Enquirer, we look for important results, if he only presses forward with vigor and alacrity.


We learn through a private source of the following casualties in Co "E" 22nd S.C. Regiment, occasioned by the explosion and fight of the 30th ult., near Petersburg: Kindrick Ellis killed; J. N. Estridge and J. W. Estridge, supposed to be killed. Chaplain Estridge severely bruised;----Hinson wounded in the heel; Aaron Adams and Malachi Adams wounded.--

Co's "E" and "H" of the 22nd were blown up, Co's C, B, G and K were taken prisoners.

J. S. McMurray and H.W. Campbell of Co. I, 17th Regiment are reported to have been killed the same day.

In a skirmish on the 28th, McGowan's Brigade lost about 100 men. No casualties reported in Co. "E" of the 12th Regiment. In Co. "I" J. R. Neal is reported wounded.

Trenches Around Petersburg, July 19th, 1864.

Mr. Editor.-Dear Sir:

I send you a list of casualties of the 17th Regiment S. C. V. since we came to Virginia, from the 19th May to the 18th July, including the fight at Bermuda Hundreds and around Petersburg.

Field And Staff- Killed-none. Mortally wounded, Adjt. J. A. Conner. Since dead.

Co. A.-Killed-T. M. Stewart, J. A. Lock.- Wounded-John Steadman in neck severe; Thos. Rodgers, side slight: Robt. Raney, leg slight; Wm Kee, knee slight; Wm Chawson, shocked by explosion of shell severe; E. Steadman in hip by shell severe; John Lyale, in heel slight; Capt. Edwards, arm, by piece of shell slight; Elihu Lynn, hand, piece shell, slight.

Co. B- Killed- D. T. Boulware, A. G. Coleman, Mortally wounded-since dead. Wounded-Saml Dove, hand severe; F. C. Crain, slight.

Co. C-Killed-W. O. McKewan-Wounded- M. Dover, severe, leg amputated.

Co. D-Killed-Richard Wright, Wm. Ritchie Wounded-S.A. Corder, in hand severe: E. M. Mills, neck severe: J. T. Dockins, slight;James Liles, slight; J. W. Long slight; L. W. McKewan, slight; John Grubbs, slight.

Co. E-Killed-M. Pogue, Joel Armstrong. Wounded-J. M. Crainshave, arm severe; Wm. White, neck severe, D. Z. Wells leg, severe.

Co. F-Killed-Lt. J. D. Logan, Wm. Martin, J. J. Clark Wounded-Lt. W. S. Moore, thigh severe; J. J. Garven mortally; E. h. Bridges and Farmer Moore, slight.

Co. G-Killed-None. Wounded D. S. Chitty, severe; J. J. Gibson, slight.

Co. H-Killed- Wm. Rhoden, J. h. hutto, M. W. Birt, A. Aullaberry (Sic?) Wounded- Sergt W. J. Millhouse, severe: Corp H. J. Craft, slight; B. M. Still Severe.

Co. I-Killed-A.C. Lathan, J. D. Blalock. Wounded Wm. A. Ghant in head mortally; W. J. Robinson leg severe; A. J. Robinson, head slight: Sergt L. N. Culp, arm severe; N. T. Draffin, heel slight; H. W. Campbell in wrist very slight and Wm Baley, in head slight.

Co. K -Killed-J. Aleshere-Wounded- Wounded-John Wisnant, shoudler severe, J. A. Lockard in hip severe, H. B. Davidson, side severe; W. T. Clinton, wrist severe; J.E.Bratton, in hand slight.

Several others slightly wounded who did not leave the line.

Total killed 20; total wounded, 45.

N. B. C.

End of letter

Notice the high number of head, neck and upper torso wounds. The high number of wrist injuries may have been due to the exposing the hand and wrist over the trench as the rifle was raised into firing position.