View Full Version : Memphis Daily Appeal, Jan-June 6, 1862

09-01-2004, 05:50 PM
I've added my file of the Memphis Daily Appeal, Jan-June 6, 1862, to my homepage--
That now completes a run from August 1860 through June 1864, when they left Atlanta.

This installment includes: business catering to the military in various towns(clothing, sabers), experimental guns, other newspapers folding, ladies' aid to the soldiers, tableaux vivants, jokes, amusements in camp, soap recipes, minstrels, Bible Society, Christmas 1861 in camp, candle recipes, Col. Terry's funeral, New Year's calls in Richmond, "Lige" White, fashions, female spies, female patriotism, consecrating the new synagogue, Memphis hospitals, concerts, death of Col. Lubbock of Texas, drygoods advertisements, flag presentations, moccasins for slaves, pikes, plant nursery advertisements, floor mat advertisements, problems with prostitutes, women wearing pants, street lights, the home for the homeless, altering muskets, camp libraries, problems with alcohol, Chesterfield tactics, Blind Tom, outrages in Virginia, Mrs. Lincoln's levee, Nantucket wives playing hooky, mud, aid to soldiers' families, lady portrait painter, ruffians in Richmond, cultivating fish, several appeals to patriotism by women, the Free Market, Northern opinions of occupied Nashville, juvenile delinquency in Memphis, "first" Pittsburg Landing and Shiloh, corn beer, lances, Artemas Ward, firing a mortar, fashionable bonnets, changes brought on by the war, occupied Jacksonville FL, stripping Memphis buildings of lead and tin, raid of Osceola MO, battle of Elkhorn Tavern AR, hotel charges, girls in uniform, suggestions to men on the march, breastplates, hospitals in Richmond, "flying hospital" (?), French ambulance, lint suggestion, the telegraph, making saltpeter, Sterling Price, farewell and well done to Memphis.

Vicki Betts