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09-12-2006, 07:50 AM
DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [AUGUSTA, GA], September 20, 1864, p. 2, c. 1

From the Front.

Special Army Correspondent of the Rebel. . .

Lovejoy Station, Sept. 16, 1864.

The Army of Tennessee lies idle in the September sun as a farm house dog on a door-mat. It is motionless in its repose after a toilsome and wearing campaign, such as never troops before experienced in this war, yet it sleeps with one eye open and that one following the motions of Sherman. The usual drills and customary reviews are practiced daily, and the veterans re recuperating in strength and bracing themselves for the campaign pending. . .

A number of ladies arrived at Headquarters, applicants for permits to go through the lines. The Inspector Generalís office is beseiged daily with citizen visitors, and the acknowledged patience and good temper of that energetic official are sorely tried by a thousand and one importunities for personal favors from a thousand and one of the most impracticable and unreasonable sort of people. . . .

Vicki Betts