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10-31-2006, 08:07 AM
Years ago I came across this letter which was in the archives at Camp Moore in Louisiana, it was transcribed by Wayne Cosby. I was captivated by it's style and saddness. To me it rivals Sullivan Ballew's [sic] letter, but that's just me. Greg your posting of letters to Ma motivated me to post this I hope all enjoy.

Letter from Daniel Blue - Company F, 16th Louisiana Infantry
Original letter donated by Mrs. Brenda Felder
Corinth, Mississippi, April 9th, '62
My Dear Wife,
I have anxiously looked for a letter from you but not yet received a line. I cannot charge you with being careless but content myself with consideration of the incumberences under which you are placed in regard to writing. I wrote you last Sunday and addressed the letter to the care of Bankston, but the mails are so uncertain that I cannot calculate with certainty of your getting it, so I must begin another and tell you that I have not been well since I cam here though am better now. I hope soon to be use to this bad climate. I am so cold now that I cannot write with ease.
Our army has just returned to camp after fighting one of the greatest battles that was ever fought on this side of the ocean. It is a great victory for us, though many of our brave countrymen have fallen in the conflict. Our loss is comparatively small but the loss on the yankee side is almost beyond description. Some who witnessed the slaughter say their loss was ten to our one. The victory is great and I unfortunately note or fortunately, God knows, was not allowed to share the dangers and the honor of achievement. The 16th regiment did not lose many. Our company had only two killed. George Richardson whom is formerly of our company is killed. Emmett Dyer, poor fellow, fell dead awfully mangled by a cannon shot.
The other Louisiana regiments suffered more than ours. Captain Taylor is shot through the lungs. Pat Harrell is killed and Dick Durbin is badly wounded. Billy Moore is also killed. Doctor Moore has just got here.
After a hard fight on Monday our Army fell back some six or eight miles and consequently our dead are unburied on the field though I believe we secured all the wounded.
You must write to me Susan, for I cannot tell you how destitute of comfort I am so far from you and without prospect of seeing you for the next six months. I believe I never go to sleep without dreaming of you and never prop an eye awake without thinking of you. Write often and do not be afraid of tiring me for I could read your letters every hour with new interest.
I am not writing love letters now, but giving expression to the purest and holiest sentiments for surely I always love you with all the energy of my soul but I never knew how intensely I loved you until I found myself separated from you. Though I hope our separation be short, when the consummation of our affection will recommence with renewed intensity.
Tell the girls at home that I am alright. Take care of little Allice. Take your mother's advice and do your duty like a good girl.
Your affectionate husband,
Dan'l Blue
{ Daniel never saw his family again}