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12-22-2006, 12:43 PM
I was going through the "Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires" and found a very good account of a Confederate Veterans experiance at the battle of Perryville, KY. If you have looked at this set of books, there is alot of information, some good, some not so good. There is just an index of names, no regiments, so finding brigades, reg'ts, etc. is not easy. Some accounts are faded, while other men who served in several battles/campaigns, there accounts sometimes run together. After all, these were filled out between 1915 and 1922.

This incident is good because this was the only battle this man was involved in, being wounded there. It is also a view from Stewart's (later Strahl's) Brigade (one of my favorites), that history sometimes seems to forget and there are not many first hand accounts. I am not making any changes in his spelling.

"The Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires"
Printed 1985 by "Southern Historical Press,Inc."
Volume 3, page 891

Questionnaire of F.B. Gause, Ripley, Lauderdale County, Tennessee.
31st Tenn. Inf.

Question 45. Question was scratched out and written in - "An Incident of Perryville"

... We were soon in place when Chetam dashed in front and said charge them boys - in front of us was an old field grow up in weeds and bushes there was but little firing until we entered the thicket then it was rapid and deadly but we kept pressing them back - presently our captain ordered someone to shoot the Yanky flag baner he is the one that is holding them here. Our 2nd Lutinant Trulinberger (?) sprang forward grasped the flag staff and wrenched it out of the Yankies hands as he did so both were shot Trulinberger(?) fell backward and dragging the Yanky flag up over his lap I steped to his side and asked if he was hurt mutch Dont stop here with me there (is) plenty of work for you to do the enemy was now in full retreat to the ege of the timber where they gave us a hot reception. This was the liutenants last command for he died there I suppose with theYankeys flag in his lap and why some of the boys did not carry the flag to Brownsville I cannot understand. I was soon wounded myself and taken to there field hospital and laid under a tree it rained on me all night next day I was taken to Perrville and well treated the Docters and nights rain saved my life.

Respct-yours, F.B. Gause, Ripley, Lauderdale co.,Tenn.

I thought it was a unique perspective from a private soldier and of the conditions surrounding him during and after the battle .


12-22-2006, 02:13 PM
I was taken to Perrville and well treated the Docters and nights rain saved my life.

A little supporting context for that if anyone is unaware - up until the battle of Perryville, most of the country had been gripped by a most severe drought. The battle of Perryville really started over two armies needing water.

Rain that night must have been an answer to prayer for a lot of men - but especially the wounded.