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12-31-2006, 12:07 AM
Submitted by Mark Jaeger (markj@purdue.edu) to the Authentic Campaigner in 2001.
(Mark's comments seen in italics)
(General Order No. 34) - Storage of Painted Articles</SMALL></SMALL>
<SMALL><SMALL>6 Sep 1864

WASHINGTON CITY, Aug. 25, 1864.

--Haversacks, knapsacks, painted blankets, and other painted articles of clothing and equipage, are liable to spontaneous combustion. Several accidents from that cause have been reported.
--All packages of such articles in store or in course of transportation should be placed where they will be consistently in sight of those in charge of them. They should be inspected daily, in order to detect the first signs of heating.
--Whenever an officer has any combustible quantity of them they should be stored separately from all other property, so that in case of spontaneous ignition the losss may be the least possible.
--At all depots a separate store-house should be devoted to them, or they should be packed or stored out of doors.

Q.M. Gen., Brev. Maj. Gen.

FLAMING HAVERSACKS!!! In fact I've read some soldier letters that talk about warehouses, containing their personal property, burning to the ground. I'll bet these "combustible knapsacks" were the cause of many fires. With oil base paints, it figures. - MJ</SMALL></SMALL>