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12-31-2006, 12:13 AM
Submitted by Mark Jaeger (markj@purdue.edu) to the Authentic Campaigner in 2001.
(Mark's comments seen in italics)

From the Madison [Indiana] Daily Courier of February 12, 1862.

The New Hardee--From the fact that the usual mode of giving command by military officers falls so harshly on the ears of sensitive privates, the following style has been adopted by some of the companies attached to a regiment of Reserve Grays, and is appropriately termed the Chester Field Manual:

1. Gentlemen, will you please give me your attention!
2. You will be kind enough to cast your head and eyes right, and endeavor to observe the immaculate bosom of the third gentleman from you.
3. Oblige me now by casting your visual organs to the front.
4. Allow me to suggest the propriety of coming to an order arms.
5. Gentlemen, you will condescend to order arms.
6. You will confer a special favor by coming to a (sic: arms?) support.
7. If it meets your approbation, I beg leave to propose that you carry arms.
8. Now, gentlemen, you will please present arms.
9. I shall consider myself under an everlasting obligation if you will once more oblige by carrying arms.
10. Having a high appreciation of your intrinsic worth, as well as your exalted position in society, I humbly trust that I am not infringing upon your good nature when I request you to trail arms.
11. Gentlemen, for the last time, permit me to remark that it is my earnest desire that you should come to shoulder arms.
12. If it is not too laborious, I should be delighted to see you change your position by coming to right face.
13. To complete your arduous exercises, I will still further trespass upon your well known affability by desiring you to come to arms port.