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01-03-2007, 02:21 PM
Here is a copy of the letter sent by the Officers of the Orange Light Guards to the Governor of Texas, presenting themselves for service.

This letter was in the files I received with the CS Worsham letters. Worsham mustered in with this group which later became part of the 1st Texas, but he transferred over to the 4th Texas.


"To his Excellency Edward Clark, Governor of the State of Texas and Commander in Chief ofthe Forces of said

“Whereas one Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of Amenca has issued his proclamation
dated April 14, A.D. 1861 threatening war upon the Confederate States of America of which Confederacy the
State of Texas is a member, and whereas the President of the said Confederate States has issued his proclamation
calling for troops to repel the threatened invasion of the said Lincoln. And further whereas there are great
(reasons?) to (apprehend?) that the State of Texas is hourly threatened and in danger of invasion from and by the
troops of the said United States and whereas the said state of Texas by reason of her extensive Coast and Frontier
is more exposed than any of her Sister States and is probably less prepared than any other State to resist such

“Therefore Certain Citizens of the County of Orange at a public meeting begun and holden in the town of
Orange in said County and State on the 27th day of April A.D. 1861 did organize & form a Company of
Volunteer soldiers under the name and style of the Orange Light Guard which now numbers some fifty-nine men
and is constantly receiving additions, and which said Company have elected their officers as will be seen by
reference to a certified copy of the Election returns hereunto attached marked Exhibit “A” and a certified copy of
the Muster Roll is also hereunto attached marked Exhibit “B” both of which are most respectfully submitted.

“The Officers and members of said Company hereby report themselves to your Excellency ready for duty
and tender their services to the State of Texas for twelve months and are now in readiness to march to such place
and at such time as they may be ordered by the Military Authorities of the State.

“The said officers and soldiers of said Company now present themselves by their Capt. S. F. Baker and
most respectfWly pray that Officers of said company be duly Commissioned by your Excellency, and that the
Company be supplied with the necessary arms & accouterments for a Company of mounted Riflemen.

Respectfully submitted,

S. F. Baker, Captain
C. H. Saxon 1st Lieut.
A. A. Neyland 2nd”
J. Neill Worshani 2nd”

01-03-2007, 02:22 PM
Here is Exhibit "A" from the letter:

Exhibit “A”

The State of Texas
County of Orange

Be it Remembered that on the 27th day of April A.D. 1861 at an Election begun and holden at the
Armory of the “Orange Light Guard” in the town of Orange in the County and State aforesaid for the Election of
officers of such Company - The same being a volunteer Company of Soldiers. The following named persons were
elected officers of the same, to wit:
S. F. Baker Captain
C. H. Saxon 1st Lieutenant
A. A. Neyland 2nd
J. Neill Worsham
W. S. Watkins M.D. Surgeon
Augustus F. Kee 1st Sergeant

To his Excellency the Governor of the state of Texas:

We the undersigned as Poll Holders in the above election most respectfully submit the above true and
Wm. Ian (?) Barbee
J. Neill Worsham

I do hereby Certify the above and foregoing to be a true and correct return of such Election.

Given under my hand officially
this April 27th A. D. 1861

Augustus F. Kee
1st Sergeant