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    If you are tired of trying to find out what quality events are out there for the rest of 2015, look no further. Here are the upcoming military events for the remainder of this year. To get more information about each event, just click on the name of the event and it will take you to our event calendar.

    Garrisoning New Madrid - New Madrid, Missouri: October 3-5, 2015 - "Living history the weekend of Oct 3-5 in New Madrid, MO. We will interpret some of the CS forces that garrisoned New Madrid in Oct. 1861. We will be right on the river and will do regular garrison routine: guard, fatigue, drill etc. with some other things thrown in. This will also be in conjunction with the City of New Madrid's fall festival. We will have the levee between us and the town to block many of the modern intrusions, but Saturday will have public coming to see what we do and there will be an educational factor to the event."

    Before the Storm - Savannah, Georgia: November 13-15, 2015 - "Fort MacAllister has sat just south of Savannah defending from ironclad attacks for years. But now it not only faces the threat from the sea but also from the land. It's final months before the December battle is a busy time as regular Artillery units and Georgia Reserves prepare the forts landward defenses as well as maintaining an eye to the sea. Before the storm is a living history garrison type event that attempts to replicate this time. We will have a two to three company garrison portraying the units stationed there in 64. This will be a working garrison as participants will preform guard mount, Artillery and infantry drill as well as fatigue duties."
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    FORT BLAKELY CS LIVING HISTORY - Spanish Fort, Alabama

    April 1-3, 2016

    The Independent Rifles will be hosting a Living History weekend at Fort Blakely in 2016 for CS ONLY. The idea behind the event is to rebuild sections of the works in preparations for the next CS v US living History in 2017. More information to follow.


    PICKET POST - Morganton, Kentucky

    May 13-15, 2016

    Sponsored by the WIG and Hairy Nation Boys.

    CS forces will be commanded by Herb Coats. Federal forces will be commanded by Ivan Ingraham.(one company of Hairy Nation Boys, one company of SCAR)

    Each side will have a 100 participant force cap with a goal of three Companies of 25 rifles each. We will also have cavalry for each side.

    This will be an immersion campaigner event.

    Cost: $20 ($10 for landowner stipend; dirt cheap, really, and $10 for food for the weekend).

    Each participant will need 40 rounds and caps for the weekend and needs to bring two one-gallon jugs of water to establish water points within their area as the water on-site is not potable despite the numerous streams and ponds.


    LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN LIVING HISTORY - Chattanooga, Tennessee
    June 24-26, 2016

    The Hairy Nation Boys will host a living history at Lookout Mountain June 24-26, 2016. Our impression will be that of Company B of the 31st Iowa. At this time we are working on the guidelines. We do have a Facebook page for information but we will use this site as well. If you have any questions please contact me at headlog@gmail.com or call 319-471-0571


    BATTLE OF PERRYVILLE - Perryville, Kentucky
    October 7-9, 2016

    Murray's Federal Battalion at Perryville

    We are excited to announce the formation of a Federal Brigade for Perryville 2016. There will be 2 battalions. Will Eichler will lead one effort and Tyler Underwood of SCAR the other. Rob Murray will command the Brigade.

    Impression: William R. Terrill's Brigade - 105th Ohio and 123rd Illinois
    Brigade Commander: Rob Murray - rmmurray@charter.net
    1st Battalion (105th Ohio): Will Eichler - will@williameichler.com
    2nd Battalion (123rd Illinois): Tyler Underwood - tylerlunderwood@yahoo.com


    Our plan is to work with our friends the WIG on the Confederate side during the event.

    WIG CS Battalion at Perryville (9th Tennessee Infantry)

    Host Group – Western Independent Grays

    Primary Battalion POC: Herb Coats - hcoats007@ gmail.com

    Preservation Effort: Extra funds go to the park.

    The Plan: The WIG is planning to return to Perryville in 2016 to portray the 9th Tennessee Infantry of Maney’s Brigade. The goal is to field a battalion of CS troops within the overall battle scenario and event activities, and provide a home for those who want a little more to their campaigning experience. Drill, camp, kit, rations, etc will follow the history of the command during the battle.

    Military Command: Herb Coats, Western Independent Grays, Commanding

    Company Commanders/POCs are as follows

    Company A Whit Barr gnh431@mocs.utc.edu

    Company C, Paul Jerram, Armory Guards russel.dykes@gmail.com

    Company K, Russ Dykes Keithstone Guards russel.dykes@gmail.com

    Jordan Roberts, Red Clay Volunteers Jamesonboy30@gmail.com

    Brian Chastain, Breckenridge Grays bgrey@zoomtown.com

    Michael Comer, Midwest huntdaw@gmail.com

    Sam Gaylon, Trans-Mississippi Hellcats

    Other campaigner groups have been contacted in regards to putting companies together for this effort. We are waiting on word from them.

    Look here and the forthcoming WIG event website for more information regarding event items, kit guidelines, and of course historical information.


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