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Thread: Camp Stoves

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    Camp Stoves

    On the "other forum" a week or so ago there was some discussion about the use of camp stoves in the field. I thought members here might be interested in seeing a brass "stove plate" off one such item. It was recovered in the 1970s from the dump of the massive Federal (formerly CS) fort located on Gloucester Point, VA. Various pieces of the stove were also found. The plate is about the size of a US buckle and reads: The Williams Camp Stove/ June 1861/ Isaac S. Williams/ No. 726 Market Street/ PhiladA. No relation, I believe.
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    Re: Camp Stoves

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting this. If you go and do a google patent search on "Isaac S Williams" you'll find Patent number: 34385, Issue date: Feb 11, 1862, Inventor: ISAAC S. WILLIAMS, for "Improvements in Camp Stoves". Look at it for a drawing and description of the stove. Always trying to make folks more comfortable, thirteen years later he patented an improved portable toilet. He also patented an ice cream freezer and (blush) a combined commode and bidet.

    Ron Myzie

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