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    Looking for Black Powder - South Carolina


    I've recently moved to Charleston, SC and went looking for a Sporting Goods Store that carried Black Powder and came up dry. At one well-recommended gun dealer - ATP Gunshop and Range - I was informed that almost no one carries Black Powder due to a law that requires a storage bunker that has no building within 200'

    I'm a law-biding citizen and don't want to start any crusade about this. I am wondering if any Living Historians here on AC that live in the Low Country have a source for Black Powder within reasonable distance (< 50 miles) of Charleston.

    Many thanks for any assistance provided.

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    Re: Looking for Black Powder - South Carolina

    The situation is the same in northwest South Carolina. My dad cannot purchase any either. I'll talk to him and see if he made any headway on that matter.
    Andre Wagner
    Surgeon, Birney's Division

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    Re: Looking for Black Powder - South Carolina

    Try if you can not get it any where else. They also have a large range of shooting suplies.
    Andy Wash

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    Re: Looking for Black Powder - South Carolina

    here is another source you may not know about Getting shipped to you is a little expensive but it's a good source!
    Rick Spencer
    19th U.S. infantry, The Rock Of Chickamauga!
    Ohio Valley Civil War Assoc.
    66th ill. Birge's Western Sharpshooters

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