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    Royal and Sky Blue Enlisted Menís Trousers in the ANV?

    Royal and Sky Blue Enlisted Menís Trousers in the Army of Northern Virginia

    Fact or Fiction?

    By David Burt

    This article first appeared in the Civil War Historian and now appears here with Dave Burt's permissions.

    All rights reserved. Dave Burt 2008.
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    Very well written. Although, I have to say I have yet to find one commonality (other then sades of blue wool cloth) between the trousers mentioned. How they where put together, thread used, pattern, etc. all vary in some way. The May trousers were cut to be side seem, but the person who put them together did so in the ďmule earĒ fashion. They also have the smallest back belt Iíve ever seen on a period pair of trousers while the Pender trousers have the largest.
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