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    Great new spring issue....

    of Hallowed Ground arrived yesterday in the mail. Great articles on the Annual Report, Senate highway bill, review of last year's "wins", nice bits on Nashville and Franklin and a Kentucky CW tour. Plus, it came wrapped in the newest drive to save Mansfield. Where have I heard that name before?

    But don't look for it on newsstands......

    $35 subscription for a year..............
    Mike "Dusty" Chapman

    Member: CWT, CVBT, NTHP, MOC, KBA, Stonewall Jackson House, Mosby Heritage Foundation

    "I would have posted this on the preservation folder, but nobody reads that!" - Christopher Daley

    The AC was not started with the beginner in mind. - Jim Kindred

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    Re: Great new spring issue....

    Iím extremely jealous that living out east, you get your Hallowed Ground so soon! I canít wait to see it. Guess I will have to wait another day or so!
    Matthew Rector

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