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    Like a Fire Bell in the night!

    Hallo Kameraden!

    To steal from Alistair Cooke's chapter on the opening of the Civil War..

    In looking at the "views" to my five postings (Research 101 through 105), I have seen the following results:

    Research 101 95 views
    Research 102 65 views
    Research 103 49 views
    Research 104 53 views
    Research 105 57 views

    Perhaps by posting these in the RESEARCH ARTICLES folder, I have made a mistake by choosing a location not well known and not well or frequently visited by the AC Forum membership.

    On a cynical, jaded, nasty, burned out day (following a nasty several day case of the flux), like today- I am concerned/worried/alarmed/ panicked/mortified/outraged/incensed and otherwise disturbed at the low interest in these "how to's" while all the while the quality and quantity of AC Forum postings declines and slides toward other fora with different missions, goals, objectives, and agenda.

    Considering some of the questions being posted here on the AC Forum, this is outrageously POOR! (As it certainly cannot be the sophisticated and practiced level of research going on as is reflected in the posting...)

    This could be a very scary predictor of a serious decline and fall here.
    Or, it could just be my mistake in where I posted them.

    So, assuming the positive and not the negative implications here- I am going to repost in in the three folders where IMHO, they best belong (leaving them as Archived or FAQ or Reference where they started out.)

    Logging out for the night not wanting to be a Wachtmeister, nor a prophet!!!! (A prophet is never loved in his own land.)

    Curt-Heinrich Schmidt
    Concerned Forum Member Me ss
    In gleichem Schritt und Tritt, Curt Schmidt

    -Hard and sharp as flint...secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster.
    -Haplogroup R1b M343 (Subclade R1b1a2 M269)
    -Pointless Folksy Wisdom Mess, Oblio Lodge #1
    -Vastly Ignorant

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    Re: Like a Fire Bell in the night!

    Hallo, Herr Schmidt,

    First, my condolences on the nasty day.

    Second, as one of the original 95, 65, 49, 53, and 57+218 (double post), please accept my heartiest thank you. You presented outstanding information in a very readable and understandable way. With a son in college, it strikes me how important it is to be intellectually challenged. Balanced against the number of aggravations, interruptions, and repetitive activities that take place every day, intellectual challenges occur all too seldom. I confess to being a consumer of research far more often than being a producer here, but your articles pointed out practical why's, how's, and where-to's for research improvement. As I read and re-read them, I felt my brain slowly rising from the ooze. All four of my sons are studying them as part of their education - they're that good!

    With much appreciation,
    Kathy Bradford
    Preservation Parcels

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    Re: Like a Fire Bell in the night!

    ..............and then again Curt, it just might be March.
    Alan Poor/Independent

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    Re: Like a Fire Bell in the night!

    Mr. Schmidt,
    Personally, I didn't know you posted the information on improving research. I know I could use all the advice I can get. They really don't teach research skills in schools anymore. How I managed to make it through three years of college without knowing how to research well is beyond me. Thanks for bringing up the fact that not many people viewed them. I don't normally look into anything besides the civilian forum but I think I'll be checking the others from time to time now.
    Maggie Halberg
    Milwaukee, WI

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    DonSmithnotTMD Guest

    Re: Like a Fire Bell in the night!

    If it helps, I even printed them (yes and read them)

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    Thumbs up Re: Like a Fire Bell in the night!

    Thanks Curt,

    Over the past 19 years, I have had numerous classes on the basics of research. From the first High School research paper, to advanced Criminology and Sociology Research Methods, not one of the teachers/professors was able to put it down so well as you have in your Research Methods Posts that you have made to date.

    Thanks for bringing it all back, your efforts are to be commended, and should be reviewed by all who post here. Maybe there's a way that we could make this a required read for all new posters. Just like one military history course that I took at KSU, before the semester even started we had to have a set reading list completed before we even entered the class.

    None the less, a good job by Herr Scmidt for his efforts in working to raise the bar.
    Todd Morris

    Proprietor, Morris & Company Historical Clothiers


    Canton Lodge #60 F&AM Canton, Ohio

    In Memorium: Pvt. Simon Morris, Co. G, 78th OVI Died: April 14, 1863 Jefferson Barracks, Missouri
    Joseph Rezin Thompson, 1st W.Va. Light Artillery
    Azville W. Lindsey, Co. G, 12th W.Va. Volunteer Infantry

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