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    Announcing the Printerís Type Case!


    Iím very excited to announce the arrival of the ďPrinterís Type Case,Ē a new CD-ROM package of 24 original mid-19th century fonts, borders, and ornaments in both Mac Type 1 and PC TrueType formats.

    Each font is documented in a 57-page PDF booklet which includes an image of the typeface in an original 19th century document from the Library of Congress, as well as background information about period type sizes.

    Download and check it out for yourself at: http://www.jrwickerstytypefaces.com/...rsTypeCase.pdf
    (32 Megs)

    This collection includes THE body typeface and italic typeface commonly used in 19th century books, newspapers, and broadsides. While others have come close, copying and distressing typefaces developed in the 1890s, The Printerís Type Caseís body typeface comes directly from the pages of a book of poetry printed in 1857, and the italic from a primary school reader printed in 1881.

    Also included are display fonts copied from typefaces in original 19th century printer specimen books, as well as a ornamental dashes, a font of hilarious silhouettes from the 1855 edition of Petersonís Magazine, as well as 4 borders coming directly from period broadsides from the Library of Congress.

    All this for $55 with shipping included!

    Jaunt on over to http://www.jrwickerstytypefaces.com to order!

    This project has been years in the making, and Iím happy to introduce the Printerís Type Case to you all!

    Go raibh mŪle maith agat
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    Jason R. Wickersty

    Received. ďHow now about the fifth and sixth guns?Ē
    Sent. ďThe sixth gun is the bully boy.Ē
    Received. ďCan you give it any directions to make it more bully?Ē
    Sent. ďLast shot was little to the right.Ē
    Received. ďFearfully hot here. Several men sunstruck. Bullets whiz like fun. Have ceased firing for awhile, the guns are so hot."

    - O.R.s, Series 1, Volume 26, Part 1, pg 86.

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    Re: Announcing the Printerís Type Case!

    Here's my review...

    Marc A. Hermann
    The Daybreak B'hoys.
    Hardtack Society - Liberty Rifles.
    Company of Military Historians.
    Oliver Tilden Camp No 26, SUVCW.

    In honor of Sgt. William H. Forrest, Co. K, 114th PA Vol. Infantry. Pvt. Emanuel Hermann, 45th PA Militia. Lt. George W. Hopkins & Capt. William K. Hopkins, Co. E, 7th PA Reserves. Pvt. Joseph A. Weckerly, 72nd PA Vol. Infantry (WIA June 29, 1862, d. March 23, 1866.) Pvt. Thomas Will, 21st PA Vol. Cavalry (WIA June 18, 1864, d. July 31, 1864.)

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    Re: Announcing the Printerís Type Case!

    Got mine Friday. Had fun all day setting up stuff and seeing how it would come out. Haven't figured out borders and ornaments but I'm sure that'll come along.

    Don Harrelson

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    Re: Announcing the Printerís Type Case!

    I've enjoyed Mr. Wickersty's PTC immensely since receiving it (I missed the Bully Buy Announcement by a few days). Its possibilities are endless! So far, I've put together a sign for my high school history classroom that I hope will amuse my students. Let's see if I can attach it here.
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    John McPherson
    Member, "The Lost Towney" Mess
    Co. A, Fourth U.S. Inf'y & Co. K, 1st Washington Territory Vols.
    Fort Steilacoom, Washington Territory

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    Re: Announcing the Printerís Type Case!

    Great work. Important and fun. The website is tops too.
    Todd S. Bemis
    Co. A, 1st Texas Infantry
    Independent Volunteers
    simius semper simius

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