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    VMI New Market Preservation March

    A number of cadets from the Virginia Military Institute Civil War Round Table and Reenacting Unit will be completing the 86 mile march from VMI to the New Market Battlefield this May.

    Although we have done this march before, this year we are trying to make it a fund raiser/preservation march by having VMI Alumni and others donate or pledge money for every mile.

    50% of all funds raised will go directly to the New Market Battlefield and State Historical Park and the other half will go towards the purchase of much needed equipment for the VMI CWRT (since VMI neglected to provide us with our annual budget).

    Since doing this as a preservation march is a first, we would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any advice that could help us with this project. Thank you.

    Your obd't serv,

    Cadet Michael C. Herron
    VMI Class of 2011

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    Re: VMI New Market Preservation March


    While I am a Citadel graduate....I still hope I can offer some suggestions to RAH VA MIL crowd. First, kudos for the effort and I assume you boys will be doing the march in Civil War kit. Try doing a web search for Mr. Robert Lee Hodge and his classic Preservation marches. You can find his email publically on the web and I am sure he would be more than willing to offer you advice. Heck if my comrades down in the lowcountry of Carolina attempted such an effort I would join them in a heartbeat!

    Good luck!
    Kenneth Moran

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    Re: VMI New Market Preservation March

    Just to clarify, we understand that this "preservation" effort is not necessarily the same as trying to retain ownership or acquire new battlefield property. VMI currently owns the New Market battlefield (what's left of it on either side of the interstate). However, despite being owned by the school, it is still extremely neglected and does not receive adequate funding for the (ever-diminishing) staff to maintain the Hall of Valor museum, Bushong house, or the grounds.

    This is the third time the march will be done in full Civil War kit, so our desire is to add the preservation aspect this year and raise money for the battlefield.

    W. Patrick Smith

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