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Thread: Time Passes

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    Time Passes

    But Friends are not forgotten. Two years gone.

    Some of you men will remember Charles Heath's little grain box wagon, last seen several years back at a living history at Manassas.

    About a year after his death, and after several discussions amoungst friends, Beverly Heath handed the double tree over, and the wagon came south and into my hands.

    It was originally from Kentucky, and its spent the last year there at the wheelwrights, slow work, yes, but Amish folks' horse drawn working farm machinery took precedence, and we weren't in any big hurry. Better correct and roadworthy than quick.

    Last week, since I didn't own a proper trailer, and he was much more capable of the job anyway, Cornbread Key came and picked up that wagon, because Charles Heath was his friend too. He's taking it to his house for the next round of work and repairs before its fully road worthy again. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Cornbread and Back Button Girl loaded it right up.

    Hmmm. A well documented historically correct civilian farm wagon with an obnoxious paint job.

    Somehow, that's a fitting memory of this Friend. Thank you Mrs. Heath, for sharing with us.
    Terre Hood Biederman
    Yassir, I used to be Mrs. Lawson. I still run period dyepots, knit stuff, and cause trouble.

    Wearing Grossly Out of Fashion Clothing Since 1958.

    ADVENTURE CALLS. Can you hear it? Come ON.

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    Re: Time Passes

    Thnakyou Mr. Lawson for keeping the memory alive.
    Steve Boecker
    Co. A First Texas Infantry
    28th Louisiana IPW

    "Too late, sir, the battle is won.”
    Richard Taylor after the Battle of Mansfield to a messenger from Kirby Smith ordering him to retreat

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    Re: Time Passes

    That is a fine looking wagon.
    Andrew Grim
    El Monte Mounted Rifles, Monte Bh'oys

    Burbank #406 F&AM
    x-PBC, Co-Chairman of the Most Important Committee
    Peter Lebeck #1866, The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus
    Billy Holcomb #1069, Order of Vituscan Missionaries

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    Re: Time Passes

    I have fond memories of that certain "living history at Manassas". That goes down in my memories as the best living history I participated in to date.
    Brad Ireland
    Old Line Mess
    4th VA CO. A

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