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    Re: Harrison County roster: co. H

    Quote Originally Posted by DougCooper View Post
    Yeah and it may be the one Bell Wiley talks about in "Billy Yank." Pretty strict definition of nativity
    I have seen that listing for other Iowa soldiers as well. I have not run across it before searching other states.

    For examples:

    member of the Iowa 3rd Cavalry Co B.
    Hiffner, Augustus. Age 24. Residence Appanoose County, nativity Atlantic Ocean.
    Enlisted Feb. 7, 1862. Mustered Oct. 18, 1862.

    member of the 27th Iowa Infantry Co H.
    Silker, Henry Age 25. Residence Strawberry Point, nativity Atlantic Ocean. Enlisted Aug. 15, 1862., as Fifth Corporal. Mustered Oct. 3, 1862. Promoted Fourth Corporal Jan. 31, 1863; First Corporal July 1, 1863; Fifth Sergeant Sept. 5, 1865. Mustered out May 31, 1865, New Orleans, LA

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    Re: Harrison County roster: co. H

    I did a brief study for a stats class of the information provided by the Roster and Records and found several soldiers' nativity listed as "at sea." Unfortunately, that study was lost on a previous computer, so I don't have it to share here anymore.
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    Re: Harrison County roster: co. H

    I would like to portray this guy:
    Clewell, Eugene F. Age 27. Residence Council Bluffs, nativity North Carolina. Enlisted Nov.
    30, 1861. Mustered Dec. 13, 1861. Discharged for disability Nov. 23, 1862, Grand Junction,
    Nick Gomillion

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