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    Cavalry Forum Gudelines

    Authentic Campaigner Cavalry Forum
    Submitted By Mark Choate & Ken R Knopp

    Two Authentic Cavalry Discussion Forums are presented as sub-forums of the Authenticity Discussion Forum. The descriptor for the “Authentic Cavalry Forum states”: “Ken R. Knopp's Authentic Cavalry forum. Discussions on a wide variety of issues relating directly to authentic cavalry living history and reenacting.” The second forum is the “Authentic Cavalry Camp of Instruction Forum”, for basic and entry level topics and questions. Please note the descriptions for each.....
    A) The “AUTHENTIC CAVALRY DISCUSSION FORUM” is and will always be distinctly "a cut above" main-streamers, beginners and neophytes. This forum will remain intact “as is” yet be held exclusively for that higher level of “authentic” cavalry/mounted artillery discussion topics. Topics here will include, but not be limited to, discussions about “authentic”... attitude, period impressions, events, equipment, weapons, clothing, drill, period riding techniques, animal care, regimental and other research, original photo discussion, etc., etc. It should be noted that this forum will NOT be for basic or entry level topics or discussion. Those of that genre posted here will be moved by the moderators to the “CAVALRY CAMP OF INSTRUCTION FORUM”.....
    B) CAVALRY CAMP OF INSTRUCTION FORUM: Is for all members but constructed for the authentic cavalryman “wannabe”, “newbie” or “recruits” to post the more basic or entry level topics WITHOUT fear of condemnation, condescension or reprisal but rather- feel encouraged and welcomed. These topics shall be but not be limited to....”how to become authentic” topics; “non-AC” cavalry but pertinent cavalry events; authentic equipment comparisons such as differences of 1904 vs 1859 McClellans; beginner equipment questions such as “what” to buy; “why” did they carry “this”?; all ebay finds and discussions...etc. etc. In general, All “newbie” , non-AC type questions...and....any other general observations, non-descriptive or “slightly off-topic” cavalry or mounted artillery related topics/questions. In essence, posts by the recruit cavalryman who has the distinct desire to leave the Mainstream level to become an Authentic Campaigner Cavalrymen ARE WELCOMED! Veteran A/C members are asked to take a “kinder/gentler”...and ...”inclusive”approach when responding to these newbie discussions or,... stay out of this folder.

    Mark and Ken

    A/C Rules for posting:
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    J. Mark Choate
    7th TN. Cavalry, Co. D.

    "Let history dictate our impressions.......not the other way around!"

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