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    Events in the Southeast from now till Dec 18th

    Hi All....I'm bak in Atlanta,GA working on a project till Dec 21, I am looking for living history events within a 6 hr or so radius of Atlanta to do while I am here. I have campaigner impressions for both Federal and Confederate and have many free weekends. I'm up for any type of event, be it weekend Living History at Chicakamauga Battlefield or Kennessaw or in TN or AL or wherever.
    If anyone has any info an activities, I'm ready to go. You can email me at
    or contact me thru this site. Thank you, Mike
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    Re: Events in the Southeast from now till Dec 18th

    Contact the Armory Guards. They have programs set up at Picketts Mill and the Atlanta Living history center, as well as filming for Look out Mtn portion of the NPS Chicamauga film. This is there web site:
    Brian Hicks
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    Re: Events in the Southeast from now till Dec 18th

    As Brian mentioned, the filming for the Lookout Mtn. and Missionary Ridge portion of the Chickamauga NPS film is taking place on the second weekend of December. Not a living history event by any means, but it is a way to pick up some spare change on a weekend and spend some time with some folks. Contact Lee White at soon if you wish to go because they are trying to get their casting in order.

    I believe there is an event at Carnton during the first part of November. Contact Pat Landrum at for more information.

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