Hello! I've been a bit absent from the boards due to work pressures, but planning for our Independence Village events has been going forward at a feverish pace.

I wanted to remind everyone that registration for our spring event, May 25 - 28, will soon be open to newcomers. "Regulars" (i.e., people who have attended previous Independence events) have until March 1 to register, if they want first crack at accommodations. After March 1, reg is open until all the homes have been filled.

For those of you who haven't seen previous discussions of our events: Independence Village is a pretty little frontier village, composed of historic structures clustered into a small hamlet. We get to "live" in this privately owned village and go about our daily lives. Our events are strict immersion: no modern objects of any kind are permitted inside the village, and no modern conversation throughout the event. There are no spectators, so this is a real "time travel" experience. For those who are able to take off an extra day, the event runs from Friday through Monday. (We make accommodations for folks who need to arrive late or leave early,)

Independence is nestled in a rural valley in north-central Illinois, about an hour south of Champaign. The log houses date from the 1820s through the early 1860s, but they're primitive -- no running water, no electricity. There is potable water nearby, and firewood is provided. For more information, reg forms, and guidelines, please see the links below.

One last word: if you've never done an immersion event before, or if you are worried about your civilian "kit," please don't let that stop you from inquiring. There are plenty of experienced folks on our list who are delighted to help with advice and loaners. This is a unique opportunity to experience a high-quality authentic event, especially now during the sesquicentennial celebrations.

Here's the no-frills event site: http://sites.google.com/site/staroft...upcomingevents

Independence Pioneer Village web site: http://www.independencepioneervillage.com/

Here's a link to the google group, which you should join if you're interested in participating: http://groups.google.com/group/indep...evillage?pli=1

By the way, we also have a facebook page. I am not personally on FB, but the link should be fairly easy to find if you're friends with anyone on our list. Or just email the google list for more info.