I wanted to give you an update as for the 24th Illinois battalion for the 150th Perryville event. The event is Oct 5th-7th, but arrival is Thurs Oct 4th, 7pm. What a great group of c/p/h leaders assembled to put this battalion together and I am honored to be part of it. I know many of you are focused on other 150th events this year, but please do not hesitate to get your men registered as soon as possible for the event.

Website is:

This will include a registration form, uniform guidelines, research, etc. All registrations should be done thur this site and NOT thru the event website. The registration fee is $35 up until Sept 10th, 2012. This will cover event registration, rations and any remaining will go to the 'Friends of Perryville' as a donation. The main event website has already opened registration (yes, it is a bit early). Registrations are already rolling in. Yes, we have a long time to go and No, we did not set the cut-off dates. There is a discussion forum also set up on the AC Forum at

Companies: The Liberty Rifles have also voted to form a company for the event as well. Jeremy Brevard has agreed to take over Mr. Holloways company as well. We have asked each commander to recruit and set up their own companies. We have asked that each company have 25 pre-registered for the event. If not, there may be some consolidation of companies right up to event time. However, we are confident that each of you can get your companies filled up!

Arrival and Preservation March: We ask that everyone be on-site by Oct 4th, Thursday at 7 pm. A basic one day marching ration will be issued and we will march to our friday night camp at 9 pm. Friday morning we will start our preservation march and a rolling tactical. We want to urge everyone to arrive by Thursday night, but if they men can not get there till friday, we will have a static bivouac/camp to meet the battalion on friday. Our commissary and regimental sutler will be set up at this static camp and provide a rally point for any late-comers. But to get the best experience from the event, men should arrive by Thursday night at 7pm. We also ask that no one leave early unless there is a valid emergency.
The static camp for friday and saturday night will have limited tentage. Our commissary, sutler and surgeon will be set up in the statiuc camp the entire event. The men left their tentage behind when they marched on the campaign. We will have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. We will ask that everyone bring shelter tents/small tent flies, that will only be raised in the case of inclement weather.

Uniform Guidelines: These are posted on the website. Please be sure that these are met.

As Adjutant, Herb Coats will be handling much of the detailed info, rosters and organizational minutia for the battalion up to and during the event. Sean Cooper will be handling registration. Johnny Lloyd will handle all communications to your Orderly Sgts. We need a commissary sgt for the event as well. If you are interested in serving as the Commissary Sgt, please contact me asap. Joe Smotherman will be serving as our Regimental sutler and Thomas Federico is our Regimental Surgeon.

Of course, we have lots of time before this event and more info will be forthcoming. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or Herb Coats

Staff at Perryville:
Regiment commanded by Sr. Capt. August Mauf (of Co. E) - Jim Butler
Adjutant - 2nd Lt. Julius Pann - Herb Coats
Sgt Major - William Vocke - Johnny Lloyd
QM Sgt - John F. Goss - open
Regimental Surgeon - Thomas Federico
Regimental Sutler - Joe Smotherman

Co. A: Capt. Geo. A. Guenther - SCAR - Sean Cooper
Co. B: 1st Lt. Andrew Jacobi - 48th NY - Joe Blunt
Co. C: 1st Lt. Wm. Blanke - Shingleroof Boys and Armory Guards - Jordan Roberts
Co. D: Capt. Leopold Decker - Trans-Miss - Michael Comer
Co. E: 1st Lt. Arthur Erbe (of Co. H) - Eastern Co. - Pete Berezuk
Co. F: 2nd Lt. Hugo Gerhardt - Jeremy Brevard
Co. G: 1st Lt. Peter Hand - Independent Rifles- Pat Landrum
Co H: Cpt. Frederick Hartman - Liberty Rifles - Paul Boccodoro

Thanks and Regards,
Jim Butler