Just a little tidbit to add to the ANV theme today.

Will MacDonald

From the CSR of Lt. J.E. Cooke, Ordnance Officer, Cavalry ANV.

Aug. 17th 1863

Colonel Baldwin ,

The new English muzzle loading Carbines lately issued to this Division gives great satisfaction. It is an excellent weapon at 300 yards and effective at 400 or 500 yards. The men and officers both speak of them in high terms. The only fault found is that the sight is too coarse, and would be much more effective being made finer.
The Robinson Carbine manufactured in Richmond continues to work badly, and at times bursts its stock from defective junction of the parts. I am directed by Gen. Stuart to return them to the Ordnance Dept. in Richmond

Very Respy,

J.E. Cooke
Lt. & O.O.