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    Registered Participants Email #7 sent out

    If you are registered for the 6th Mississippi adjunct, please check your email, if you did not receive the email from me, shoot me a PM.
    Patrick Landrum
    Independent Rifles

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    Re: Registered Participants Email #7 sent out

    To Patrick, Justin, and all who helped make this event go forward, A BIG and HEARTY thank you to all of you for making it special!

    I and my pards had an excellent time this weekend, despite the muddy conditions. Our big regret was having to leave Saturday night for fear of getting stuck in the mud. We unfortunately had to duck out because one of us had obligations back home so we missed the show on Sunday, but I must say that Friday night and all day Saturday were quite special!

    We were pretty tired on Friday night and just dropping our packs and bedding down on straw was a bit of authenticity that the real 6th had to go through on the night before Shiloh. Assembling for battle in the pre-dawn darkness was great and then the morning scenario, even though it was flawed, was still a fun experience - especially hearing the cannon and far off gunfire and moving forward through the forest in a literal HAZE of battle and morning fog. What a great "moment" that was for all of us getting to experience it, after we had pushed past the non-period intrusions.

    Rations were plentiful and dare I say, much better eating than I've ever received at an event. We had plenty to go around along with the good company of all you guys in Company C and the whole battalion.

    Of course, we had a few guys with heat exhaustion and I know at least one guy got hurt, but all in all, I think we did alright. Again, many thanks go out to Patrick for doing a whole heck of alot in getting all of us prepped and ready to go beforehand, and in the execution!

    Ryan Alcaino

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