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    Selected infantry and cavalry ordnance stores on hand at Columbus MS Arsenal, Aug 3rd 1862


    Found this in the CSR of Capt. T Logwood, who had been in charge of the Arsenal at Memphis early in the war, that Arsenal was later moved to Columbus MS, and then mostly to Selma Alabama. Due to the large nature of the document I have taken a sample of gear most of interest to us. Of note are the large amounts of infantry equipments and Enfields in storage there. I'll be making a complete transcription later.

    Bridles: 1132
    Breast Straps: 102
    Bayonets: 274
    Bayonet Scabbards: 28637
    Boots, D.B. Shotgun: 602
    Canteens: 3996
    Canteen Straps: 32410
    Cartridges, Miss Rifle: 115000
    Cartridges, Sharps Rifle: 47000
    Cartridges, Buckshot: 68210
    Cartridge Boxes: 29724
    Cartridge Belts: 20164 (probably waist belts)
    Cap Boxes: 15138
    Cruppers: 320
    Curry Combs: 555
    Surcingles: 909
    Shoulder Straps: 13525
    Gun Flints: 8630
    Gun Slings: 2502
    Guns, S.B. Shot: 1
    Guns, D.B. Shot: 236
    Holsters: 931
    Holster Covers: 174
    Halters: 94
    Haversacks: 33797
    Moss Mats: 453
    Knapsacks: 851
    Muskets, Percussion: 81
    Muskets, Flint and Steel: 2
    Nose Bags: 124
    Percussion Caps, Musket: 100000
    Percussion Caps, Gun: 1238000
    Powder Flasks: 138
    Pistols, single barreled: 2
    Rifles, Harpers Ferry: 17
    Rifles, Minnie: 60
    Rifles, Enfield: 7813
    Rifles, Cooks: 5
    Rifles, Kentucky: 741
    Rifles, Mississippi: 16
    Rifles, Colts Revolving: 6
    Rifles, Confederate: 10
    Swords, Cavalry: 266
    Sword Belts, Cavalry: 480
    Swords, Artillery Light: 170
    Sword Belts, Artillery Light: 0
    Swords, Artillery Heavy: 553
    Sword Belts, Artillery Heavy: 77
    Swords, Infantry: 29
    Sword Knots: 26
    Saber Bayonets: 537
    Saber Bayonet Scabbards: 202
    Saber Bayonet Belts: 100
    Saddles: 32
    Spurs: 2
    Valises, Cavalry: 261
    Valises, Artillery: 4

    Will MacDonald

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    Re: Selected infantry and cavalry ordnance stores on hand at Columbus MS Arsenal, Aug 3rd 1862

    Good stuff, Will. The second most numerous rifle was Kentucky rifles. Cool!
    Dave Ray
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