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Thread: Price increase

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    Price increase

    Pards (and civilians) one and all: I regretfully advise that I am forced to take a small price increase for most of my hats. This is due to an increase in cost from my felter. I recently was advised by letter which I quote:

    "Dear valued customer

    Prices for our raw materials to make hat bodies continue to rise. We have made our fur purchases for this year, but all qualities have gone up in price. Our suppliers have told us that supply will not be a concern, but prices continue to be unstable.

    At this time, we must raise prices $5.00 per hat body for westerns, and $3.00 per hat body for dress.

    We have been told that prices should stabilize in the future.

    Thank you for your past business."

    Signed by the general manager of the felting company.

    As an aside to the above, I've had a discussion with the general manager, and he says that the Chinese continue to influence the pricing due to the fact that their recent conversion to a more capitalistic business model. They are buying fur bales without much regard to price thereby driving the price per bale to an alltime high.

    Other factors involved are an increase in postage (average $.40 per package), increase in ribbon cost (average $.04 per yard, andd an increase in the cost of shipping boxes (average $.09 per box

    All things considered, I have instructed my web guy to increase the price of all hats, except top hats by $3.00 ea.

    Thank you for your understanding in this matter

    Tim Bender
    T P & H Trading Co

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    Re: Price increase

    Don't worry, Tim. At that price, your hats are a bargain.
    Bob Muehleisen
    Furious Five
    Cin, O.

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    Re: Price increase

    A very reasonable and insubstantial increase. Thanks Tim! You're still the best!
    Tom "Mingo" Machingo
    Independent Rifles, Weevil's Mess

    Vixi Et Didici

    "I think and highly hope that this war will end this year, and Oh then what a happy time we will have. No need of writing then but we can talk and talk again, and my boy can talk to me and I will never tire of listening to him and he will want to go with me everywhere I go, and I will be certain to let him go if there is any possible chance."
    Marion Hill Fitzpatrick
    Company K, 45th Georgia Infantry
    KIA Petersburg, Virginia

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    Re: Price increase

    Still worth every penny!
    Galen Wagner
    Yellowhammer Rifles
    Oak Park Lodge # 864, F&AM
    Commandery #4, Knights Templar of Alabama
    USMC 1990-1999
    Montgomery, AL

    Duty is, then, the sublimest word in our language.Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less. -Col. Robert E.Lee, Superintendent of USMA West Point, 1852

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    Re: Price increase

    Although I would not have admitted it at the time, I would have paid more for the hat you made me! You are the best!

    Stan Buckles

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