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Thread: Shiloh AAR

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    Re: AAR for Shiloh Adjunct

    Quote Originally Posted by Pvt Schnapps View Post
    Please see attached, & enjoy...
    For the record, I had read and heard about all the work that was going into the ration issue for months before the event. I had heard and read the excitement about the ration issue for months before the event. Many of my re-enacting brothers were part of the Iowa b'hoys and I am well acquainted with how they do with strenuous activity in hot, humid weather on little sleep and less food. I've sat with them in the EMT crisis tent in just such situations. The other ladies in Purdy knew their re-enacting brothers and re-enacting nephews likewise well.
    Knowing the b'hoys were told to come with "flat haversacks" and rations would be issued, the b'hoys had just spent a cold, wet night on the boat, a five mile march in the warming weather, and a strenuous battle in the hot, humid sun... imagine our "nightmares of Manassas" type thoughts when we heard those rations had "fallen through."
    So we ladies formed a party to go get to the bottom of these rumors and hopefully assure ourselves that our re-enacting brothers were still on their respective feet and not in the EMT crisis tent. We did our best to remain on the outskirts of the camp and go through military camp protocols like finding an officer. Once we had seen that the ration issue had come through as promised and our brothers were still on their feet, we were happy to leave you to your "petticoats" free period moments.

    I would like to apologize to the gents who had their period moments ruined by my presence for a short time, and doubly so if some of the food I shared disagreed with you. I would like to thank the officer who took the time to speak with us and make sure we could assure ourselves our re-enacting brothers were well enough.

    I am VERY glad the hard work of your ration issue (and camp dressing, logistics planning, and hundreds of little period moment details) came off very well and the b'hoys got to enjoy them. Good work. :-)
    -Elaine "Ivy Wolf" Kessinger

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    Re: Shiloh AAR

    Hey all,

    Ken Knopp was kind enough to share his pics with all, and this is my favorite:

    Your most obedient servant and comrade,
    James C. Schumann
    Mess #3
    Old Northwest Volunteers

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    Re: Shiloh AAR

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Woodburn View Post

    Here's the numbers...

    Guys registered at one time or another was about 525. That includes guys who substituted for other guys, that's why it's high. My records reflected 496 registrations sent in for both 15th and 16th Iowa. The 15th had 380 fielded on the consolidated morning report Saturday. I do not have the total fielded for the 16th, Co. A, but suspect it was about 35. Capt. Joshua Mason can confirm their numbers in the field. That would put our "authentic adjunct" at about 415 fielded out of 496 registered, which is a 16% attrition rate. Manassas was a 22% attrition of registered vs. fielded as a recent comparison. I did not think our attrition would be as high as 16% with the new substitutions and reports from company captains/POAs in the two weeks prior to the event date. Still we had a very respectable showing and I am very proud of the fine job done by everyone. The pics on the internet of the regiment give an extremely uniform image which is what we wanted, and should expect for a Federal regiment only one week out St. Louis. Just look at the black hats and blouses, and on Sunday when we had blanket rolls on. It looks like a believable group that all enlisted together. Nobody stood out individually, but as a regiment, we stood out beautifully. The images of us in the woods that goes on to the end of sight gives alot of us a chill. The comments on Youtube when we come out of the tree line is something like, "holy s**t, there's a mile of 'em." Sums it up well. And really everything that you guys accomplished was stunning when considered. We didn't drill prior as a regiment as we were from all over the country - and a few from across the pond. We functioned very well as a regiment. When we sent two companies forward as skirmishers on Sunday, they functioned under Berezuk without error. Then the regiment passed through the artillery by the right of companies to the front and wheeled back into line as if they'd done it 100 times. The left wheel of the entire regiment on two different occasions by the bugle Sunday was flawless. Every company functioned in the regiment as seasoned professionals. A tribute to the quality of all the well drilled living historians we had with us. And a statement of the fine officers and NCOs who had to have drilled everyone before even coming to Shiloh. Bottom line, we were all part of something bigger than our own companies and groups that we normally fall in with. We were with ALOT other guys and groups who take all of this as seriously as any of us do. We may be from all over the country and from different groups, but we were with the cream of the crop of like minded brothers that weekend. What makes us different than the rest? We all just try harder and strive to be better, and not just a few guys, everyone. I know we'll never be "perfect" - we can always improve on something - and won't hold a candle to the "original boys," - our ancestors were tough as nails - but I'm very proud of everyone of you, and you should be too. Bottom line, you guys did an amazing job, well done.
    FWIW, I think you have every right to be proud of your accomplishments. I think most of us were proud to be a part of it. The 16% "pre-event attrition" rate for an all-infantry unit is in my limited experience pretty low. It reinforces the impression I have from other events that the more you ask of folks -- and in asking, offer -- the more likely they will show up. The biggest surprise to me was that there were that many p/c/h guys still in the hobby and able to show up in one place at a given time. That bodes well for the future.
    Michael A. Schaffner

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    Re: Shiloh AAR

    Loved seeing the 15th march into action, three cheers to you boys!!!
    Pvt. Chris Driscoll

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