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    The Superior Cap Company (Mike Stiles)


    I just received a new forage cap produced by Mike Stiles of The Superior Cap Company. If you have never seen one of his caps, you are missing a great reproduction the likes of which I have never seen! It follows the 1865 Quartermaster Regs, and is spot on. The cap is so well made, you would think you were looking at an original in unissued condition!

    Stan Buckles

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    Re: The Superior Cap Company (Mike Stiles)

    Forgive me if he is online and I just missed it accidently, but do you know if he has a website or e-mail adress? I've searched for him on the internet before and can't seem to find a site.
    Jory Maloney

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    Re: The Superior Cap Company (Mike Stiles)

    Tom "Mingo" Machingo
    Independent Rifles, Weevil's Mess

    Vixi Et Didici

    "I think and highly hope that this war will end this year, and Oh then what a happy time we will have. No need of writing then but we can talk and talk again, and my boy can talk to me and I will never tire of listening to him and he will want to go with me everywhere I go, and I will be certain to let him go if there is any possible chance."
    Marion Hill Fitzpatrick
    Company K, 45th Georgia Infantry
    KIA Petersburg, Virginia

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    Re: The Superior Cap Company (Mike Stiles)

    I bought a forage cap from Mike about 15 years ago. Very fine, tight worksmanship. Mine was a special run lined with antique brown polished cotton which he had a very limited supply of at that time...but it gives it a very convincing look. The sweatband is properly checkered (cross-hatched). Some had noted that his chinstraps are too narrow at 1/2", which in comparision with an original I currently have at 5/8" may be a fair comment. Is his current production is the same? I am wearing that forage cap in my avatar.
    Paul McKee

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    Re: The Superior Cap Company (Mike Stiles)

    i just talked to mike a few weeks ago-he doesnt respond to email all that fast the best way to contact him is his phone number-send me a pm if interested. His cs caps are awesome! I am torn between a blue-grey kersey camp or a new fed forage cap...
    Philip Guenther
    Columbia Rifles
    Living History Guild

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