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    "Liberated" US supplies

    Has anyone read how captured Union supplies were reissued to Confederate troops? Were they all sent behind the lines to a major depot, restamped or stenciled by inspectors and then sent back to the front lines? Or were the supplies mostly consumed/distributed at the regimental level at the point of capture? I suppose that vast amounts, like at a railyard, would be mostly sent to Richmond, etc. But what about regimental stores or wagons when an army was overrun?
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    Re: "Liberated" US supplies

    Try way out west here. When the Texans invaded New Mexico they were issued newly captured US uniforms and equipment. During the Battles of Val Verde and Glorietta Pass, CS troops were confused with US troops. In the late 1980's the Confederate mass grave was un-earthed in Glorietta Pass, most were wearing US uniforms with the only difference being the US buckle turned upside down, showing the letters sn, for Southern Nation.
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    Re: "Liberated" US supplies

    Rosencrans does complain to Bragg in late '62 about Confederate troops wearing Federal captured uniforms,especially greatcoats.Rosencrans tells Bragg that his men must redye or re-cut the uniforms as not to be confused with Federal gear,or else he will hang every Confederate captured wearing Federal clothing as a spy.
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    Re: "Liberated" US supplies

    Cullen, ok but does Rosencrans or Bragg mention in their correspondence how the men came by the uniforms? Were they looted or reissued via depot?
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    Re: "Liberated" US supplies

    I have read several accounts from personnel letters just quickly mentioning the reissue of capture Federal items. One that I found interesting that isn't exactly a "reissue" by the Confederate govt, was one confederate mentioned going into Fredericksburg (months after the battle) to purchase Federal clothing from the locals to send home to his wife for use by his slaves over the winter. There is also mention of civilians in the valley redying federal clothing and selling them to the troops as well. Another account speaks of men being detailed to pick up weapons and equipment post battle to be sent to the rear. I don't have specifics at this time as I am away from my sources, but hope this helps.
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    Re: "Liberated" US supplies

    Confederate Regulations 1864
    Article XXXV- Returns and Reports
    458- A return of all property captured will be made by the commanding officer of the troops by whom such capture was made to the Adjutant and Inspector General at Richmond in order that it may be disposed of according to the orders of the War Department.
    - It would seem as if there was a steep fine or result if the CO did not report captured property- according to the supplimental CS Quartermasters manual.

    Article XLI
    Allowance for Clothing
    1047 Commanding officers may order necessary issues of clothing to prisoners and convicts taking deserters or other damaged clothing when there is such in store.

    Article XXXVI
    719 After an action the officers on ordnance duty collect the munitions of war left on the field and make a return of them to the General The Quartermaster's Department collects the rest of the public property captured and make the returns to headquarters.

    Lending credence to the later Confederate imagery with the infamous split canteen straps, as well as all the US muskets re-surcharged it would lead me to believe that some degree or reprocessing of captured property was happening.

    Did it happen? Sure. How often? I would weight in not as often as we think and its defiantly based on its context... and whether or not your CO and his CO were tight.
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