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    Post Rules of The Authentic Campaigner

    Greetings Everyone:

    Over the past week or so, the Staff at the Authentic Campaigner has been working behind the scenes to attempt to clarify, consolidate and concisely define the rules here. Over the years, various "Sticky Notes" have accumulated in different forums and there was no one place to find ALL of the rules. So, we put all of the rules we could find in one thread and began the process of whittling them down and clarifying them. We hope that what we ended up with will be helpful for you and for the staff to be on the same page. We really haven't changed 98% of them, so this isn't any real new ground.

    We will begin populated the main forums with these rules and "Un-Stick" all of the "Sticky's". Some of them go back 8-9 years. This way, the rules are accessible and consistent and the forums aren't cluttered with a half-dozen "Sticky's" at the top of every forum.

    Here is what we came up with:


    1) Sign Your Name - At the Bottom of Every Post, Sign Your First and Last Name - A username which contains your full name does NOT pass muster.

    2) No Farbism - All discussion must strive toward authenticity. This is not the forum for status quo reenacting or status quo thinking. Discuss the proper period methods, material culture and the documented history. Discussion which stray from this principle will be moderated.

    3) Play Nice - Members donít always agree, but members shall conduct themselves in a courteous, non-confrontational manner. Moderators wwill not tolerate personal attacks.

    4) Your Avatar - If you use an avatar, it must be an actual and identifiable picture of YOU in period attire. A tiny picture of you in a huge background or a picture of you in a group does not pass muster.

    We are a unique community. Using a picture of you adds a personal touch to your membership. Youíd also be surprised how many times people you have never met will greet you by name at an event because they recognize you from your forum avatar. You can add another picture of yourself on your personal profile page.

    5) No Modern Politics - Period discussions about the intricacies of liberalism or conservativism are encouraged, but not beyond the calendar year of 1865.

    6) Mind the Swearing - Swearing is not prohibited, but we do ask that it is referered to in a Civil War Period context.

    7) Free Speech is Not Guaranteed Here - While we welcome constructive criticism, this is a private forum. If you can't handle the way we do things here, you're welcome to create your own forum.


    Event Organizers Post Their Own Announcements - This means that only the lead organizer or a person designated by the organizer may post announcements. If you want a separate folder for an event, please contact Eric Tipton by clicking here. If you're not an official event organizer, your announcement will be removed.

    EBUFU Event Criteria - In the Event Folders:

    1) Date/Location
    2) Identified unit impression
    3) Impression guidelines based on historic data
    4) Established organization, structure and reasonable goals for numbers
    5) Activities outside the event standard schedule which add value to the event
    6) Traditional EBUFU activities : rations, guard, drill, some level of immersion, overnight picket, short march and et cetera.
    7) Website, Email List, FB page, etc

    Adjunct Event Criteria:

    An "Adjunct" event is one where a known authentic group organizes a battalion sized adjunct for a mainstream or "mega" event. All elements required here for an EBUFU event are also required within the battalion structure. Announcements for these efforts must be from the commander of the battalion or someone designated by the commander.


    When an event does not meet these criteria, constructive feedback will be sent to the person who submitted the request. Our objective is to ensure that the AC community has some level of assurance that events promoted here will conform to a common set of minimum expectations.

    III. BUY, SELL TRADE RULES - In The Market Place:

    The Buy / Sell / Trade folders are a market place for members to sell extra items to other members. It is not intended as a place for commercial sales. Active participation in the discussion sections of the forum is mandatory for those using the AC Classifieds. If you post in the Wanting-to-Sell forum on a frequent basis without otherwise participating in other discussion forums, the staff will assume that your only reason for being here is to conduct commercial sales for profit. Commercial sellers must contact Eric Tipton, about becoming an approved vendor. You can send him an e-mail by clicking here.

    1) You must be a paid subscriber to sell gear. The cost is fifteen dollars per year and helps this market place available to members. Follow this link to become a subscribing forum member. LINK.

    2) Civil War period items only.

    3) You must identify the name of the manufacturer of the items offered for sale.

    4) Not For Mainstream Gear & clothing. Find a different forum to sell your old sutler grade gear.

    5) No commercial sales.

    6) No listing items for friends. You may only sell your own items.

    7) Ads stating that PMs will not be accepted will be removed.

    8) Failure to honor payment or sale will be grounds for permanent removal from the AC.

    9) Individual threads offering items for sale/trade, or looking to buy items, are not the place for discussions about makers or the products they offer. We reserve the right to delete any ad, at any time, for any reason.

    10) Establish TERMS in advance, such as an inspection period and right to return. Accurate descriptions, full disclosure, and clear photos make life simpler for everyone!

    11) Leave sale prices in your ad after items have been sold. Leaving prices allows members to learn the value of similar items they want to buy or sell.

    12) Sellers are encouraged to inform moderators to close a thread once all sales in the posting have been completed.

    13) Absolutely no auctions. This isnít Ebay. Commercial Sales are Not Allowed Except by Approved Vendors. ONLY Approved Vendors may make commercial advertisements on this forum. If you want to advertise here, become an approved vendor.

    14) All sales here are buyer beware and do not come with any implied warranties from the administrators or moderators. Do your own homework. Understand what you're buying. Know from whom you are buying.

    15) Use at Your Own Risk - Purchases/Sales made here are not guaranteed by the Authentic Campaigner, administrators or moderators. Should something go wrong with a transaction, we will render assistance, but we are not responsible for a failed transaction.

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    Re: Rules of The Authentic Campaigner

    All the rules in one place. Nice.

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    Re: Rules of The Authentic Campaigner


    As a follow-up, the new rules have been posted as an Announcement at the top of every forum on the site. The Frequently Asked Questions Section has also been updated to reflect the change. Old "Sticky" posts from various Administrators and Moderators have been "un-stuck" so we have no conflicting rules that are outdated. Our hope is that with a consolidated list of rules, it will make things more streamlined for the Staff and the Members.

    If you have any questions about the rules, please post them here.

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