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    Returning to the Regiment - Federal Occupation of Beaufort March 3-5, 2017 (1863)

    Returning to the Regiment – Federal Occupation of Beaufort, South Carolina March 3-5 2017 (March 1863)

    Date: March 3-5 2017

    Location: Beaufort, South Carolina at the historic Beaufort Arsenal

    Scenario Time frame:
    Portraying March, 1863 The weekend will be March 3-5 of 2017. Friday afternoon- Sunday morning. Public hours can run from 8 until 6.

    Impressions: Federal (various branches of service, primarily infantry), Civilian. See detailed scenario description, below.

    The scenario will be men from different regiments returning from furlough, hospital, and new recruits who need to rejoin their respective regiments. They will be processed by the provost & quartermaster in the arsenal and receive transportation to their regiment from the naval detachment. This will allow fellows to create a unit specific impression based upon their interest of units stationed in the Department of the South in March of 1863.

    Highlights include: Public interpretation throughout historic Beaufort, demonstrations, period sutler, medical displays, abolitionist schools, & oyster roasts from the commissary.

    In cooperation with the Beaufort History Museum, we will be hosting a living history in the city of Beaufort focusing on the Federal occupation, the Port Royal expedition, emancipation, and war along the Carolina/Georgia coast. We would like to bring approximately 25-35 or so living historians to Beaufort for a weekend. There, we would set up in the courtyard of the Beaufort Arsenal and under the covered portico. While there, we would talk about soldiers' life, the Port Royal Expedition, the Emancipation of African Americans, and subsequent operations between Charleston and Savannah. I feel confident that we could bring life to this time period and I can think of no better setting than the Beaufort Arsenal.

    The premise of the event will be men from various 10th Corps regiments returning from furlough, hospital, or men who are new recruits to their regiment. On Saturday morning, men will disperse throughout Beaufort and then make their way back to the Arsenal to receive their orders from the local provost receiving officer. He will tell the men where their respective regiments is stationed at present and issue them orders for how they are to return to their regiment. The men will have to check in with the commissary officer in order to receive ration vouchers. Then go to the quartermaster/ordinance officer to re-receive their fire arms. Finally they will have to report to a naval officer to receive transportation orders. Paperwork will be the name of the game.

    This scenario will allow men to choose from a host of different regiments that were in the 10th corps and develop a specific impression and unit research with their pards based upon their interests. A scenario of Beaufort in spring of 1863 also offers an ideal setting for civilians to interpret Northern abolitionist missionaries, freedmen, and naval personnel.

    Throughout the day, everyone will be billeted in the Arsenal courtyard and will be doing either fatigue duties or interacting with the public visitors in a living history fashion. That evening we will have an oyster roast and time to enjoy the town.

    Impression & Authenticity:
    While participants are to create their own unit impression for this event, they are still required to meet authenticity standards expected in a quality “authentic campaigner” event. All garments must adhere to the proper pattern/material/construction of the items of their physical impression. Individual choices such as forge cap vs. hat or fatigue blouse vs. frock are left to the individuals research on their respective unit. No anachronisms. The event coordinators reserve the right to correct any glaring impression errors.

    Various regiments of the 10th Corps, Northern abolitionist missionaries, and naval detachments from the South Atlantic Blockade Squadron in the spring of 1863. Here is a list of units in the 10th Corps/Department of the South in March of 1863. Please consider researching one of these regiments and portraying either a soldier coming back from furlough, hospital, or a new recruit looking to join his regiment. If I left a unit out that you are aware of, please drop me a line. Once we have list of who is portraying what regiment/battery/or ships company, we will be able to begin the paperwork for the participants.

    10th Corps Units
    3rd New Hampshire Infantry
    4th New Hampshire Infantry
    7th New Hampshire Infantry
    6th Connecticut Infantry
    7th Connecticut Infantry
    10th Connecticut Infantry
    52nd Pennsylvania Infantry
    76th Pennsylvania Infantry
    85th Pennsylvania Infantry
    97th Pennsylvania Infantry
    47th New York Infantry
    48th New York Infantry
    56th New York Infantry
    100th New York Infantry
    115th New York Infantry
    Independent Battalion of New York Volunteers
    1st New York Engineer Regiment
    39th Illinois Infantry
    62nd Ohio Infantry
    67th Ohio Infantry
    9th Maine Infantry Regiment
    11th Maine Infantry Regiment
    24th Massachusetts
    1st Massachusetts Cavalry Third Battalion (Companies I, K, L, and M)
    1st South Carolina Colored Infantry
    3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery
    1st U.S. Artillery, Battery B, C, E

    South Atlantic Blockading Squadron Vessels
    U.S.S. Montauk
    U.S.S. Nahant
    U.S.S. Catskill
    U.S.S. Passaic
    U.S.S. Patapsco
    U.S.S. New Ironsides
    U.S.S. Canandaigua
    U.S.S. Mahaska
    U.S.S. Ottawa
    U.S.S. Wissahickon
    U.S.S. Dai Ching
    U.S.S. Lodona
    U.S.S. Seneca
    U.S. Marine Battalion Maj Jacob Zeilen

    A registration fee of $12 will cover rations, firewood, & straw for bedding.

    Thanks for your time, efforts, and support.
    Daniel Gidick
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